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KS1 Guided Reading

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KS1 Maths Link

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The Year Six Show 2014

  The year sixes have been absolutely loving practicing for the 2014 Y6 show ‘Brazil’. Set around the World Cup, four journalists learn all about the magical samba nation. So year sixes, how is the show going? Who is your … Continue reading

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Collective and plural animal nouns

Last week, Year Five had the homework task of finding plural nouns of different animals. They had an additional challenge to also find obscure collective nouns of animals! Here are some of their findings! Are there any that you didn’t know? Miss Aslett

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KS1 Maths 11/6

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Year 5 Australian Animal poetry

This week, the Year 5 pupils have been writing poems about Australian animals using figurative language (eg simile, metaphor, personification). Can you guess what creature they are describing?!

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KS1 Guided Reading PPT

Bobby Moore Research

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