An ‘egg’cellent Meet the Teacher!

This morning the Upper Juniors had a great time making parachutes to keep an egg safe! They sourced a variety of materials and has to use their science skills to make a fail proof parachute!

What did you enjoy about the morning?

What are you most looking forward to next year?

Miss Aslett


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25 Responses to An ‘egg’cellent Meet the Teacher!

  1. Jack G says:

    It was great fun but unfortunatly my teams egg cracked. 😉

  2. Amelia T says:

    This Morning was great fun!We got into teams and made a case for our eggs.We started with 20 points and every crack our egg had the teachers deducted 5 points.But luckly my team still had all 20 points by the end!yay!

    from Isabel T.

  3. Katie W says:

    Meet the teacher was a great morning as we got to know a bit more about our teachers and team mates and also mixed with some of the other children in the other classes! I am most looking forward to our year 6 show, buddies and suprisingly my sats because I like to be challanged and I loved the year six show this year so I can’t wait for mine and it sounded really fun ! I cannot wait to be in year six and learn exiting topics and my new learning adventure!

    Katie W and Daisy H

  4. James T says:

    I really enjoyed ‘Meet The Teacher’ 2014 it was ‘egg’celent haha. :p

  5. Rosie G says:

    This morning i has so much fun working with my team and trying to make a parachute. My team were very clever when it came thinking how the parachute would have ended up with the equiptment we were using. Luckily our egg did not crack!!

  6. Daisy.W says:

    I loved this morning because I got to spend time with my new teacher Miss Caz and new team thats hawkhill. I’m really looking forward to next year for my buddy and the year six show but sadly I really do not want to leave.

  7. Archie G says:

    It was soso fun and I did not want to go!(:

  8. Kyle B says:

    This morning was fun because we met are nice teachers for next year in year six.

  9. Lily D says:

    We had loads of fun as we got to try and use our science knowledge to stop an egg from cracking. 🙂 For every crack you would loose five points and we started with twenty. what my team did was got a pot thing and put lots of worms (not real)and wrapped a coat around the egg and put it on the worms and put worms on the top. At the end we dropped them and my team didn’t have any cracks. 🙂

  10. Lauren P says:

    I loved the Great Egg Drop it was an amazing morning and a great oppertunity to come together as two classes.I thought that there was alot of teriffic teamship. Watching all the other teams made me really conpetitive and made me want to try and not make my egg smash and it didn’t!!!

  11. Bethany T says:

    What have you enjoyed about the morning ?
    I have enjoyed Everything but if i was to choose one it would be the egg drop because me, Tavi, Zara and Jamie came up with a name for our egg and we called him Fredrick and we even drew a smiley face on him 🙂 It was fun and we got to keep him safe 🙂
    What am i most looking forward to next year ?
    I am looking forward to having another great teacher and making new friends and also i hope for another fabulous year 🙂

  12. Ethan.B says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting my new class mates next year and meeting my new friends.

  13. Joe B says:

    I thought the egg challenge was very exciting saddly our egg cracked.

  14. Ethan M says:

    Wow you year 5’s are very lucky the year 6’s cleaned the receptions books and trays (it is all part of being a year 6) we then watched a movie! personally I think you got the better half of the day.

  15. Louis R says:

    Unfortunately i wont be able to meet the teachers at my new school as i will be moving to america where i will be at my new school. 🙂 😉

  16. James R says:

    It was absolutely amazing . As I’m a yr6 we had to tidy the libary. I saw snippets and it
    looked amazing. WOW . I’m looking forward to moving to Highcliffe and wish the best of luck to the new yr6. 🙂

  17. George W says:

    Me and every one else who took part had a lot of fun using the materials from the floor.
    I enjoyed getting put in random groups and then having to make a machine that could hold a egg and be dropped from a high place and not be cracked!Next year i am looking forward to being back in miss cazneaux’s class and our new and exiting topic’s including
    The Great British Menu!

  18. Lily R says:

    I am most looking forward to leaning about our new topic the great british menu and I am really excited about getting to know all my new class mates.

  19. Jack S says:

    Today we had a great time dropping eggs from a certain hight with parachutes we made ourselves we had 20 points and for every crack we lost 5 point we retained 20 points even thought we were in differnent groups!

  20. Reece P says:

    This morning i didn’t meet my new teacher but it was a relaxing evening putting books away and watching a film.I wish louise the best of luck. 🙂 :)/

  21. Luke G says:

    Well done year 5’s, that must of been fun! I bet you had a wonderful time! I am so jealous! I am so sad to leave because I would of loved to do that.

  22. Holly T says:

    When the rest of the school were having their meet the teacher day, all of the year sixes were making cards for their buddies! But we went a little bit over the top with the glitter!

  23. Amelia T says:

    This eggcellent activity was full of hard work! We had to look after an egg and make a case for the egg, mr crout stood at the top of the amphitheatre and dropped it from the top step. My team:Me, Amelie,mason and josh were really determined to keep are egg safe.Miss caz and Mr crout( explained to the new deerleep and hawkhill classes ) tactics to stop are egg breaking.All the teams started with twenty points and each crack shown on the egg we lose five points. Our team had TWENTY POINTS after it dropped not a single crack. YAY!!!!!

  24. abigail.connor says:

    I loved the egg making that the teachers set for us, it was so fun and a good start to the new year. Some of us year 5 and some of us year 6 can’t wait because mrs C is my teacher next year.

  25. Ethan.B says:

    I think that was a really good day for cracking eggs that was an eggselent day for me and my class mates.

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