Debate: Hosting the Commonwealth games is a waste of money.

Some of the Upper Junior children were involved in a debate as to whether hosting the Commonwealth games is a waste of money. What do you think?

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10 Responses to Debate: Hosting the Commonwealth games is a waste of money.

  1. Louis R says:

    Personally I think that it isn’t a waste of money as most of this money will go back to the host country and then go to charity therefore getting rid of poverty in the world. Moreover there are many more sporting events in which some of that money will also go to charity.

  2. Andrew F says:

    It was a great debate which included lots of passion and pride, one team (Hawkhill) were on the side of the commonwealth games are not a waste of time and Deerleap were on the side of it is a waste of time. All the participants really enjoyed the Debate!

  3. Callum W says:

    During the debate it got VERY passionate for the ‘against’ side!!! I really enjoyed it and hope we do it again.

  4. Ethan M says:

    I enjoyed the very in-depth debate in which the topic was the Commonwealth games, a terrific sporting event. Some of the opposing side were a bit boisterous. I will not name that particular pupil! The teams were Hawkhill V Deerleap. I personally think Hawkhill won due to the fact they put up a fight in persuading the other team that the games is not a waste of money.

  5. Sebastian W says:

    Earlier today me and some of my other Year 6 colleagues took part in this extravagant debate. The opposing team were voting against this argument, and our argument was for it being a waste of money. After taking our time to plan our counter arguments and examples, it was a great debate between some great protestors.

  6. Callum W says:

    During the debate it got VERY passionate beetween the sides especialy Ethan M-I!!! I really enjoyed it and hope we do it again.

  7. Holly T says:

    We took part in the debating, and we are FOR the motion. Before the debate, we were allowed to find facts and figures to support our ideas and we found some really interesing points. For example, over 524 million pounds were spent on hosting the games in Glasgow. When the debate got underway, the boys suddenly became very passionate politicians and perhaps needed to listen to the other ideas a bit more; some in particular were very strong minded! Both sides had very strong points, which sometimes made the opposing board have to think of some better counter arguments and rebuttals. Afterwards, all of us had to reflect on our real opinions and we had a vote. The majority of the debate team chose FOR the motion, but there was a few boys who were firmly stuck in their own opinions! We thoroughly enjoyed this different lesson, as we do not often get many chances to debate and share our views.
    By Holly, Jasmine and Emily.

  8. Adam T says:

    I found the debate as it was very fun with very strong points and some wierd points.Enughth said there.It was hawkhill Vs Deerleap end with no winners but it was so fun cant wait to do more.

    Adam T 🙂

  9. Andrew F says:

    I really enjoyed this debate as people put lots of their personal thoughts into the debate. Also everybody put forward valid points such as:£524 million was being spent and where are they going to get the rest of this money from? This was my favorite and I am hoping to do some more.

  10. Adam T says:

    Today me and 9 others did a massive debate about whether the Commonwealth games are worth the money. It was incredible and there were some weird points (enough said there) and some strong points like: it relights the Commonwealth torch and a lot to do with money. I really want to do more.

    Adam T 🙂

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