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What a start to the Lower Juniors! You all made your teachers very proud at Minstead and I hope you enjoyed the experience. Has our residential trip to Minstead  inspired you or your family to make a change at home in order to be more eco-friendly? If so, what changes have you made?

You may also like to post some ideas of what changes you think we could make at school or in Hordle in order to have more of an impact on our environment.

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24 Responses to Eco Inspiration

  1. Amy B says:

    I hope you all had a great time at instead! Unfortunately I did not get to go to monstera but I bet it was great fun and also in year5 don’t forget you get to go to pgl it is amazing there I garenty you will love!

    From Amy B

  2. Amy B says:

    Hope you all had a great time at minstead! Unfortunately I did not get to go to minstead but I bet it was great fun and don’t forget in year 5 you get to go to PGL with I garentey you will absolutely love it i definately did!

    From Amy B

  3. Ella B says:

    Since going to minstead I have made changes like trying to be more aware of the enviroment around me,eating more healthy,useing less water in the shower and trying to turn of the lights to save energy.

  4. Ellie N. says:

    At minstead I learnt a lot about saving energy. I had a fantastic time all thanks to the teacher’s in team oak class.

  5. Ellie N. says:

    At minstead I learnt a lot about saving energy . I have a fantastic time there all thanks to the teachers of oak team ..!!!!!

  6. Ellie N. says:

    Thank you mrs Phillips for helping me settle into lower juniors. but I still miss year 1-2


    Ellie N

  7. Charlie S says:

    Sins Minstead I made my own bed.Turning lights off when I need to.Don’t take to much food than you can eat and don’t waist to much water,only have 3’ms in the shower .

  8. Lewis B says:

    Since I have been back from minstead I have started turning off the tap when brushing my teeth! Also I save electricity by switching off the light when I leave a room!

  9. Teigan W says:

    Since going to Minstead I make sure that I turn all electrical things off when I am not using them. When I’m cleaning my the teeth I make sure I turn the tap off. We try to eat all are food and what we don’t eat we give to are cousins chickens. We recycle are cardboard and glass. Thank you for taking us to Minstead.

  10. Bayleigh-May says:

    Since coming back from Minstead, I have been helping more at home. I make my bed in the mornings, I help to put glass in the bottle bank box and recycle things at home.
    I enjoyed Minstead, thank you Miss Cooper, Mrs slattery, Mrs Thomas and anyone who helped.
    I like year 3 but i do miss Mr Slattery.

  11. Oakleigh K says:

    Before Minstead we were already eco warriors, we save rain water in water butts, we turned off the taps when cleaning our teeth, put the plug down when washing our hands and put food waste in the compost bin. Minstead taught me why we did these things. I loved Minstead.
    From Oakleigh

  12. Joe P says:

    Since going to Minstead I have been turning off the lights at home, recycling our rubbish and make sure the taps are turned off.
    From Joe P

  13. Marium I says:

    Since visiting, Minstead I made great changes like using the water in a cup instead of using gushing water from the tap.

  14. Marium I says:

    And making my bed all by myself. Eating all my food on my plate.Giving all of my plants (in my back garden) water.

  15. Cameron B. says:

    I had a lot of fun at Minstead. I learnt about saving energy by turning off my bedroom light and recycling my cereal boxes. Me and my Dad are making a compost heap in the garden.
    Thank you to all the teachers from Cameron

  16. Julia P says:

    Since visiting Minstead, I have turned the lights off and I stopped using so much electricity. My dad is making a shed out of recycled wood and we use collected rain water to water the plants in the garden. It was really fun at Minstead and it taught me to reduse,reuse and recycle.(And repair).

  17. Ashleigh T says:

    Since Minstead, my family has made lots of changes like these:
    1. we have had quicker showers,
    2. we have 2 bee houses and 1 ladybird house,
    3. we now have 3 water butts to collect rain water,
    4. when we go out of the room we turn of the lights,
    5. I always walk to school,
    6. we use compost on the vegetables in the garden,
    7. our lights are energy saving bulbs,
    8. we recycle lots including clothes, toys and glass since our Minstead adventure.

  18. Alfie R says:

    Since going to Minstead i have made a few changes. I have started to do some gardening,making my bed and I have been trying to remember to turn the lights off when I go out of a room. We have also been recycling more. It was one of the best times of my life.

    Thank you teachers

  19. Joshua J. says:

    Since I have been back from Minstead I’ve been turning off the lights when I leave the room. Recycling our rubbish putting the glass bottles in the bottle box.

  20. Tegan S says:

    Minsted was an experience of a lifetime. We walked alot in wellies and had a lot of FUN!The best thing was pudding.I learnt how to build a dam with friends.

  21. Eliza R. says:

    Minstead has changed my re cycling habits

  22. Tom OC says:

    When I returned from Minstead, I had fewer baths, shorter showers. Also, I started to collect egg shells, vegetable peelings, tea bags, egg boxes, fruit skins and grass cuttings to make a compost heap. I recycled newspapers, cereal boxes, paper and magazines. I saved water by switching off the tap when I’m brushing my teeth. I had a fantastic time at Minstead and will always remember it.

  23. Luca C says:

    Since going to Minstead,I have saved more water and I have also saved more electricity by switching off the lights and TV more often.

  24. Elissa F says:

    I remember when I went to minstead it was a great experiense on learning more about our inviroment and can someone do another post so I can hear more about your journey into the world of nature (dont watch that much TV ). Well Done!

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