Team LJs – Learning to Be Safe Online!

Team LJs,

This afternoon, you are going to try out your new Hordle blog accounts! Below, please post your suggestions for staying safe whilst using computers online!

Miss Cooper, Miss Heathman and Mrs Phillips



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29 Responses to Team LJs – Learning to Be Safe Online!

  1. Grace B says:

    Never respond to messages or requests from people you don’t know for your safety and if anyone does send you anything tell an adult straight away.


  2. Marium I says:

    Typing is writing.
    If there is a rude comment tell an adult.
    Capital letters and full stops

    By Marium

  3. Freddie Janes-Bartlett says:

    Here are some typing is writing ,capital letters and fullstops,dont reply but tell a teacher ,tell a teacher if they are being mean and be safe on the internet.

  4. Tim C says:

    Remember your punctuation when typing.

  5. Julia P says:

    Never click on links or advertisements in case it takes money away. Always keep trying and never give up!

  6. Toby D says:

    Don’t reply to people you don’t know

  7. Freya Waddington says:

    Typing is writing .
    Dont forget Capital letters and full stops .

  8. Jamie R says:

    If you are searching for something that you are not sure about, make sure you have an adult with you.
    Just because you are on a computer it dosen’t mean that you can forget you punctuation.

  9. Tom OC says:

    Never give away your full name and your address.

  10. Freddie Janes-Bartlett says:

    Heres some typing is writing ,capital letters and fullstops , dont reply but tell an adult , tell an adult if someone was being mean and be safe on the internet.

  11. Joe P says:

    Tell an adult if someone is being mean to you

  12. Ollie J says:

    You still need to yous captll leters and fllstops.

  13. Alfie R says:

    Typing is writing so if you miss punctuation or spell any words wrong everybody at Hordle Primary can see it.Remember if you get any requests or messages tell an adult straight away.


  14. Maddie C says:

    When you are online never have a chat with your friends or unknown people incase their trying to get money off of you.But always have fun!

  15. Bayleigh-May says:

    Typing is writing

    from bayleigh-may.

  16. Tegan S says:

    If a rude comment has been posted, tell an adult.
    Never respond to a request someone has given you.
    Never post a comment to a person you don’t know.

    By Tegan

  17. Rosie C says:

    Tell an adult if someone is being rood to you.

  18. William S says:

    Check your spellings because everyone can see your work/Don’t respond to requests/
    Typing is writing

  19. Ollie J says:

    You still need to remember capital letters and full stops.

  20. Ashleigh T says:

    Typing is writing


  21. Hannah F says:

    Writing is typing
    and you must make sure you
    are safe Online
    and remember never request
    to any mesages.
    ENJOY !!!

  22. Poppy Robinson-Green says:

    Don’t click on pop up s (you have one new message) because they are normally viruses!


  23. Jack Wale says:

    Never respond to any uknown posts.

  24. Mr Croutear says:

    Well done Team Hazel, some great e-safety advice! I am glad that you have your new blog accounts up and running and I look forward to reading your comments! Remember, TYPING IS WRITING!

  25. Olivia B. says:

    Don’t tell anyone your password,adress and telophone number

  26. Melissa C. says:

    zip it
    block it
    flag it

  27. Alice says:

    With this kind of thing, you need to be ‘assertive’. This means following your own advice, and making your own choices. This is to do with E-Safety too! Some people can seem overpowering when you are stood right next to them, but you have no idea what someone is like online. If someone sends you an email with a virus, it will usually land in your ‘spam’ box. Unfortunatley, the computer doesn’t always notice a hazardous email! Our school accounts are okay, but when you go to Secondary School and have your own, anyone can talk to you. Someone from another country, even! Also, it is a good idea to never arrange to meet someone via email, even if it is your friend. For all you know, it could be someone breaking in to their account! Not all people are nice so you have to be careful. Virtual games online often include ‘Open Chat’ where you can say whatever you like to a user. Once again, it could be your friend, but don’t say too much! The same applies with social networking sites, like facebook and twitter. Even though you have to be at least 13 to have your own account on these websites, some children are underage but they still have one. It is not a good idea to do this, because that is a law for a reason. Stories about your life are there, and as you can probably see, that is a big disadvantage. So, if you see something you even consider suspicious, always tell a trusted guardian or teacher. Schools can be a big help with things like Cyber-Bullying, so make sure you report it immediatley. Stay Safe! 🙂 😉 😀 😛

    Alice N

  28. Amelia T says:

    Make sure you dont tell others your passward!

  29. Lucie G says:

    Being safe is the most amazing way to live your life 🙂 There are all kind of different bullying . Firsly, Cyber bullying is really important because many people can trick you by saying there different people, different names and different age.With Cyber bullying, many horrible things can happen.Never give away personal details such of name address school and age.Please star safe

    Lucie G

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