Team Hazel’s Gardening Adventure


Team Hazel took a visit to our school garden. Whilst we were outside, we cleared some overgrown flower beds, moved some fresh compost and discovered some interesting minibeasts!

In the picture, can you see what Oakleigh has found?

What would you like to see growing in our school garden and why?

Team Hazel



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7 Responses to Team Hazel’s Gardening Adventure

  1. Marium I says:

    wow Oakleigh!!! You sure have found a compost friend.

  2. Grace B says:

    Wow Oakleigh what a very long worm! If I was to grow a plant I would grow lavender because it would attract the bees to come and collect nectar to make it into honey.

  3. Marium I says:

    Yeah Oakleigh you have found one friend for the compost!! lets see if there are more?

  4. Amelia T says:

    well done for making our school a better place!

  5. Tegan S says:

    Hope you put it back.Wow thats big I will try and find a bigger worm than that.I found a newt.

  6. Lucie G says:

    Oakleigh thank you so much for finding a little (I mean rather large) worm to add to our school and animal community.We have wonderful animals all different animals all over the place but some people just don’t realize it!

    Lucie G

  7. Julia P says:

    Wow! What a huge worm! I am a bit scared of it! I loved working in the school garden, even though it meant getting very dirty!

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