Team Oak and their green fingers!

Wow! What a super job the Lower Juniors have been doing clearing the garden. We have really seen the power of teamship as the garden changes daily before our eyes.

Today, despite the thunder and rain, Team Oak managed to make it out and whilst we were clearing the area, we found a huge toad, wriggling worms and lots of minibeasts hiding out in our minibeast motels in order to escape the weather.

We can’t wait to unveil the garden to you all when it is complete!

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7 Responses to Team Oak and their green fingers!

  1. Amelia T says:

    well done guys for making this school an even better place!

  2. Grace B says:

    It looks like the bug homes we have built have really come in handy. Well done Lower Juniors keep up the good work.

  3. Amelia T says:

    I have seen you cleaning it looks amazing oak !

  4. Marcus E. says:

    When I went to dig out all the leaves and weeds it was really hard. Sometimes I had to use my hands to pull the weeds that were the hardest and I was using a spade that was small but it was fun.


  5. Lucie G says:

    Thank you so much!The lower Juniors you have really helped the garden to feel fresh and clean.I hope you do some more for our garden to help it look beautiful and tidy.I never know what else your going to do next because I know it will be something kind and thoughtful.

    Lucie G

  6. Rebecca.P says:

    wow that sounds interesting! The lower Juniors are so helpful . They realy are kind and responsible . The garden loves you so much that you made the garden green and fresh.

  7. Joshua.B says:

    It sounds like you had quite an adventure Lower Juniors in finding a huge toad, some wriggling worms and a lot of mini beasts! Thanks for clearing the garden for the school so now we can grow new things. 🙂

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