Hordle vs Lymington Netball Match

On Tuesday the 18th of November, Alpha and Beta Netball teams went to Lymington Junior school to compete against them as their first match in the New Forest Netball League. With a hard core warm-up from their captains, they were ready to play!

In the first quarter, Alpha had scored a goal in the first 30 seconds which resulted well as they got the first center pass. As for Beta they scored lots in the first quarter too! Unfortunately, Alpha conceded 1 goal but kept their heads high and fought back. After some amazing scoring from Rosie and Katie and great center court from Emily, Alpha scored 39 goals in the end and only conceded two! As for Beta, with some amazing defense from Joseph, Amy and Beth they managed a fantastic win of 23 goals only conceding 1! well done to all players for extremely good play and good luck for further matches!

Katie W

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9 Responses to Hordle vs Lymington Netball Match

  1. Alice says:

    For this match, I was Captain of Beta. We played really well, and flattened Lymington Juniors 23-1 (in a sportman like way). The time went really quickly, and before we knew it it was half-time. By then, it was about 13-0, which gave us the motivation we needed for the rest of the match. Alpha were amazing too- I think Hordle has a great chance of being Hampshire County Champions second year in a row!!! I can’t wait for our next match. 😛

  2. amelia.maclean says:

    It was a grate match and they played really .
    I don’t now how they managed to score a goal in the first 30 seconds.

  3. Katelyn.L says:

    Well done(Alpha and Beta) I hope you will win your next netball match.It is amazing that Alpha scored a goal in the first 30 seconds.If you are in the Upper Juniors would you like to join the netball club?

  4. Bethany H. says:

    Well done all netball players of both Alpha and Beta. Good luck to your next netball match!

  5. Rachel F. says:

    Well done ! To all of you alpha and beta

  6. Jessica B says:

    Well done to Alpha and Beta Netball team. Keep up the good work.
    How long do you need to practice for?

  7. Evie G. says:

    Well done girls I am so proud of you.Good work being a captain for Beta Alice.Do you think you encouragement people to play netball?

  8. Lucie G says:

    Hordle did amazing with the goals! In addition, in the first 30 seconds both teams scored a goal! With endurance and self confidence we thrashed Lymington by loads of points. They didn’t give up! Lymington with the first half and second half ,Lymington squeezed a goal in each half. In Beta, Lymington only managed to regain 1 goal! Hopefully this team ship carry’s on so we can thrash the league1:-) 🙂 🙂

  9. Rachel F. says:

    wow! well done to alpha and beta! you lead hordle to victory! and what a load of amazing goals! 🙂 🙂

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