Year 6 English

Read some fascinating facts about the disadvantages of wind farms.


Wind Turbines

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3 Responses to Year 6 English

  1. Amelia T says:

    I found wind turbines my best subject to write about.We had to use level 5 different words for wind turbines.I found it a bit tricky explaining the awful effects on wildlife.

  2. Alice says:

    I think I struggle a bit on non-fiction; storywriting is my strength in English. In some reports we used a twist- a rheotorical question to change the mood.We explained (a lot of) disadvantages of wind turbines, and points of views. It was very interesting to learn about them! I think it was this subject that motivated me for my achieved goal -level 6- when writing non-fiction texts. 😀

  3. Rachel F. says:

    In class we wrote about wind turbines! I learnt some facts that I did not know before now! did you know that many people have reported health problems being caused by wind turbines! 🙂

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