Buddies Making us Proud

Not only were we lucky enough to get to watch Hosanna Rock by KS1 but we also enjoyed a special nativity performance from our Foundation Stage Buddies.

We were so proud watching our buddies perform in front of an eager audience and couldn’t believe they had learnt so many lines!

Here are the Y6s reviews on their incredible show!

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34 Responses to Buddies Making us Proud

  1. James B says:

    We really enjoyed watching the buddy nativity and I think everyone loved the enjoyable show that entertained us to the max.We wish that we would of been lucky enough to perform a wonderful show when we were in reception.

    by James and Bailey. 🙂

  2. Josh B says:

    This play was truly amazing and reminded me of my buddy Nativity!

    Also I couldn’t believe that the four stars were all four year olds because their singing was tremendous.

    Finally I loved the costumes because they were designed really well and it was easy to see who was who and spot everybody!

    By Josh B

  3. Ethan.B says:

    Dear buddies,

    WOW! We thought your nativity was absolutely amazing! And we thought your costumes were great. We don’t know how you all remembered all of those words because they were really tricky. We thought that it was very brave of you to perform in front of a colossal crowd. We especially loved all of the songs because you all performed really well!!

    From Ethan And Frank

  4. Amy B and Emily H says:

    This is a review of the Buddy Nativity from Emily and Amy. We were all very exited to go and see the Nativity this afternoon.

    The costumes we amazing. You could tell very clearly what role they were playing partly because of their costumes. Also they are very detailed and must of took a lot of hard work to make. The costumes were so wonderfull they made the stage come alive!

    You could tell they had put so much effort into their play because of there singing and words. The diction was really clear so we could hear all the words we were saying. The Upper Juniors were stunned when the Buddies sang their first song.

    We all wish you luck when you perform it to the parents! Thank you so much for letting us see your play we truly enjoyed it.

    By Emily And Amy

  5. Gabriela R says:


    The buddy Nativity was fantastic and it was the best nativity in history. I would rate it 100%; it was top quality.

    The costumes were phenomenal and the costumes looked so real. All the buddies looked awesome and they were really good practicing their lines. I could hear them so clearly.

    My buddy, Ted, was a Shepard and he said his lines really clear, I could hear every word. All of the foundation stage amazed me with how many lines they had to say. The thing that made my heart melt was them singing: Twinkle twinkle little star.

    All of foundation stage should be very proud about their work today and they should have 10 gold stars.

  6. Francesca C says:

    My buddy was one of the wise men and he is called Alexander. He was so fantastic and I am so surprised that they learnt to read all the lines. The singing was so good it felt like my heart was melting. None of the buddies were scared. The stars singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ were fantastic.

  7. Bethany and Zara says:

    This performance was brilliant, it’s the most best performance we have ever seen!

    We can’t believe how many lines you have learnt of by heart in such a short amount of time!

    We bet your mum and dads can’t wait to see your outstanding nativity because of your wonderful costumes and amazing songs and we are sure that you will impress them lots !

    Our buddies (Neve and Ella) melted our hearts when we heard them sing, we loved every single bit of it and if it was on DVD we would be certainly getting it.

    We both want to say a big well done to every single one of you and we know if we were as young as you impressive children we wouldn’t be able to do as fantastic as you did you should all be so proud of you selves 🙂

    Well done p.s your rate is 100/100 WOW !!! 🙂


    Bethany and Zara 🙂

  8. Thomas P says:

    I loved the nativity and I loved the costumes’ loved that one of the buddies had a lot of lined and she had no help.

  9. Abi and Ellie says:

    We are so proud of our buddies!!

    The lines were spoken very clearly, and we could understand them better. In addition to this we are all so proud of our buddies because it shown all of the super hero values and it must have taken a lot of bravery to perform in front of all of the adults and children. The singing was brilliant and the best nativity we have ever heard .All the children should be proud of their selves.

    Also the costumes where amazing and you could tell who was who and what was what, we think this was the best making of costumes yet. Even the grand hordes were clapping along to the music.

    It was a really strong performance from the year R pupils good luck for tomorrow buddies!

  10. Rosie C says:

    We can all say that the buddies made us so proud remembering all those words! Your parents are definitely in for a treat! You were all so good and your voices were even better than the X factor finalists! They looked so adorable in their awesome costumes we all thought it was the best thing we’ve ever seen!! Everyone enjoyed it and we didn’t just look at our buddies we looked at all of them. We were amazed about how much they learnt in a couple of days. When they walked out onto the stage they looked fab and their teachers must be very proud like me!! My favorite song was twinkle twinkle little star where the stars shone really brightly.Undoubtedly, we can all say that it was a great performance. We definitely rate this performance 100000 out of 10. I gave extra points for hard work!
    By Rosie C

  11. Mia.Cronin says:

    The show was amazing- I loved every song- I cant believe you learnt all them lines.

    The costumes were great which made it absolutely perfect but you were amazing anyway. They must have taken ages to make. My buddy (Ella) was a angel and she looked great.

    I also loved the performance.

  12. Daisy.W says:


    Congratulations!I’m so amazed by all of you, you did really well and you learnt a lot of lines you all new all your lines and so confident. Well done I’m so impressed.

    All of the farm animals did really well on time and what to say, like the camel said ” I’m tired ” and loads of exposition with it.Well done Mary two you did extremely well same with Joseph I’m shore you’re Mummy’s and Daddy’s will be very proud.But I think Chloe had the hardness bit and did it really well and had a lot of confidence. However so did every one else.

    I fell the singing and talking was the best though. Well done all of the little stars you did really well in you’re amazing singing voices maybe you’ll be on x-factor!And every one new what they were doing and what to say including the actions were really good!

    Unfortunately, my buddy was not there, maybe he was I’ll or had an important but I still really enjoyed it and every buddy is really proud of you!

    Well done again!

  13. Katie W says:

    We really enjoyed the performance that the foundation Stage showed us and are very proud of them. We as buddies, managed to spot our little buddies and saw them in their costumes Iooking very cute (as always). We were amazed at how many lines they learnt, and all the songs and actions they managed to remember! It is unbelievable to think they are aged 4-5 and can perform to an audience of over 100 children. We are very hounered to say that Ava and Tiger-lulu are our buddies. Well done to all FS 🙂

    by Daisy and Katie

  14. Amy B says:

    Wow! The Upper Juniors really loved the buddies nativity because everybody looked so amazing in their fancy costumes. We feel that they did so well with learning their lines. We could see from the performance that they tried so hard during practices. We are really impressed at how the children sang so greatly at the age of 5 and 4.

  15. Kate P says:

    We were really impressed by the brilliant performance the receptions did. The little stars were really great as the four of them sang a cute song. Grace, playing the role of Mary, did an amazing job as did everyone else saying their lines!!! We were both astonished when they learned all of their duties and didn’t make a single mistake. It really put us in the Christmas spirit and they made it clear to us what the story was about. Them all speaking together was really effective! Mr Phillips and the other foundation staff did a brilliant job teaching the little children all the lines and actions- well done!! We can’t believe how well these receptions did!
    Kate and Eve

  16. Francesca says:

    The buddies really impressed us with their amazing Nativity!
    The buddies performed fantastically and none of them missed a line. Their singing was brilliant and we understood every word. The buddy that impressed us the most was definitely Chloe, because she had her own lines and her diction was really good when she spoke. The four buddies who were the stars were very brave to sing on their own and their recital of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ was very clear. Our hearts melted when we heard them sing.

    We were really impressed by the costumes that were worn by the incredible performers, we all loved the camels and smiled as soon as we saw them. All of the animals were shown off clearly and we all knew what they were instantly. We adored the stars’ costumes,as they were very shiny and glamorous, they really did twinkle!

    Over all, the Buddy Nativity was impeccable.

    By Katy and Tara

  17. Lucie G says:

    Today, the year 6’s and Year 1’s watched the remarkable Nativity acted by Receptions.

    All of us were flabbergasted by all the lines they learnt.

    The show was amazing! I was dancing to all the songs and I enjoyed every second of the magnificent performance! In addition, all the children were in time and were all wearing wonderful costumes; I especially liked the 3 wise men ( Jacob , Alexander and William).

    All of the Receptions had lots of self-confidence and endurance as they were performing on the stage.

    I would like to comment about the wonderful speaking in the play because all of the children’s lips were moving in time! They were all walking and doing all the things they were meant to do at the same time.

    I think that the adults at the front of the stage really helped the children to remember the words if they have forgotten one. The 5 stars were really cure and all of them got the whole audience’s hearts moving and were all really touched by the performance.

    All the costumes and characters for the costumes were really suitable for the role they were playing in the Nativity. All of the children stood up and sat down at the same time, and all of them performed beautifully and all were very cute in the role.They all shined just like a star
    I hope they all do brilliantly in the performance to the parents if theirs and get rated high. I give all of the Receptions a thumbs up and 5 stars out of 5 and I hope they all stay at that place for later! 🙂

  18. Amy B says:

    Wow! The ks1 nativity was amazing!! I cannot believe how great it was and how well they learnt all of their words! I am so sure that everyones parents are so proud of you guys. I can tell you guys worked so hard on your nativity and it really paid of! I didnt excpect it to be so good! It really blew my socks off!

    By Ella and Tavi 🙂

  19. Mason S says:

    We all can’t believe how many words they learnt in the short period time. The buddies looked so adorable in their costumes. They were fantastic and it was so much better than the previous nativity. It was so clear the words that they were saying.

    By Thomas and Mason

  20. Gabriela R says:


    This was such a perfect performance it made everyone glow. I was so impressed by the Key Stage 1’s nativity it was such a sensation to watch.

    The thing that impressed me was the singing and dancing. The song that got everyone singing was “Hosanna Rock”. All of the songs were really good that they made me smile.

    All of their costumes were great they looked realistic so that was so impressive. All their costumes were very colourful and that they shone like a diamond.

    Although I will leave this school next year I hope other people enjoy this as well as I did. This was a brilliant performance.

  21. Lauren P says:

    Well done everyone!

    It was amazing how you learnt so many lines. It was really exciting to watch our buddies – Harrison :D, Jack 😀 and Jacob :D- because they tried really hard.

    Everyone spoke their parts loudly and clearly, and we loved every part of it.

    The costumes they wore were stunning; we particularly loved the Gabriel costume! We like how they used all sorts of materials. The tinsel was very festive and the wise men’s crowns were fascinating! They were bright and cheerful and we loved them.

    Their lines were so clear; they were really confident with what they were doing. No one gave up-they were all really motivated.It was like they were professionals!I would and I would expect all the Y6s would too rate it 10 out of 10!!!Its going to be a memory that we will never forget.

  22. Mason and Thomas says:

    The is Thomas and Mason blog post on the buddies show

    We all can’t believe how many words they learnt in the short period time. The buddies looked so adorable in their costumes. They were fantastic and it was so much better than the previous nativity. It was so clear the words that they were saying!

    By Thomas and Mason.

  23. James A says:

    Today, the year 6s were lucky enough to be in the presence of the buddies wonderful display of hosanna rock. We watched proudly as they performed a variety of songs, lines and heart-warming dances.

    Without a doubt, the most elating part of the recreation were the costumes, due to the fact that the bold colours and majestic glittering (for the angels including James’ buddy Alice) really added an extra flavour to the show. It is this sought of thing which made it so great. In addition, the moment in which all tears broke out were when the four little ones sang a beautiful twinkle, twinkle little star.

    Meanwhile, and I’m sure I could speak on behalf of all the year 6s, there were unfortunately quite a lot of waving and sharing of smiles.

  24. James T says:

    THAT WAS AMAZING thank you Mr. Phillips for giving us the privilege of letting us watch that great play.Finley and Emily you really impressed us.Year R you really have jingled our bells so well.You are so good at making us impressed.

  25. George W says:

    The buddies were very happy during their play and excited to show us older children all their hard work!

    Me and my friend thought it was an extremely good show and for everybody!

    We were particularly impressed with how many lines the four and five year olds managed to learn in such a short amount of time!

  26. Alice says:

    Our Buddies were amazing- imagine how nervous you would be if you were performing to children over 5 years older than you! It was lovely to watch them and they all tried really hard.

    I think Chloe was really brave when she said her parts, and so were the stars when they sung their song. I wish I had had that courage when I was in FS! All the children had clear diction and were speaking confidently. They took on their roles really successfully! I would love to watch it again!

    The costumes were brilliant, and they looked exceptional on the performers. My buddy- Harrison:P- looked stunning in a radiant wise man costume. I also loved the twin costume, which was a great success. Honey’s angel costume suited her perfectly and she really got into character when it was her turn.

    We were all waving and smiling at our buddies, which I think really boosted their confidence. It was elating how they covered the whole nativity story in only half an hour! 😉

  27. Sophie.Galton says:

    The foundation stage nativity was so cute! I was really proud of them, especially my sister as she’s not very good with staying on a bench without wobbling or falling off! How do the buddies feel about their play?

  28. Sophie.Galton says:

    WOW! I am so proud of you all. You all did a great job with remembering your lines and songs. Even though I’m not a buddy, I’m extremely proud of you all. You really are twinkling stars! You deserve to be on the xfactor [true fact]! How do you remember everything and learn so fast? I loved all your costumes: they were so pretty especially Mary and the Angels. The sheep were so cute, too. They looked all fluffy and cuddly. I couldn’t believe how they produced it so well!

  29. Katelyn.L says:

    Wow! That was an AMAZING nativity I really enjoyed watching it.How did they learn so many songs they spoke clearly and with out forgetting their lines.All wrapped up was an amazing song you can even be super stars and twinkle your talent all over people.I wish that I could be one of the FS children and be really talented like them I am not a buddy yet but if I was I would be amazed that blew my socks off!Would you like to peforme like them?

  30. Fallon J. says:

    I coudn’t even dream of remembering all them words.My favirote thing about the nativity was when all of you are singing togther it bought a tear to my eye.Even though im not a buddie i am over the moon for all of you!

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jessica J says:

    Your play was the best I can’t explain how well you performed it. My highlight of the performance was when you sang hosanna rock![hosanna rock ,hosanna roll, in the heavens above and the earth below ].

  32. Gary P says:

    Wow that looks amazing! What a great performance foundation and I can not wait to see it next year! Your play was unimaginable and I loved it all ks1. Well done both teams they were awesome

  33. Imogen C says:

    Well Done to the fantastic buddies! They all made us proud. Being so young and yet still picking up the courage to step on stage and share their talents with the school! 🙂

  34. Sulis.H says:

    I have a buddy now and I am super excited to do lots of fun things with him for instance the buddy nativity!ö

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