Hosanna Rocked Hordle Primary School!

It’s that time of year where we all look forward to seeing KS1’s ‘Hosanna Rock’ nativity! As the lucky UJs sat there watching the infants perform, it brought back lots of cherished memories and many of us were singing along to the songs, which we remember so well. Everyone had to use all of their Superhero Values and show extra bravery when performing in front of the rest of the school. The Upper Juniors wish KS1 all the best when performing to their families this week.

Here’s what the Y6s thought about the wonderful nativity.

by Daisy and Katie

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40 Responses to Hosanna Rocked Hordle Primary School!

  1. Rosie C says:

    Wow!What a great show! Loads of hard work must of been used to get it that amazing.

    I remember when I did it, but you guys are going to Rock, when you perform to your parents!I loved the angels they were really good as well as the rest of the KS1!I couldn’t believe the efforts from the pupils and the really high standards! Your singing was absolutely outstanding! You could win X factor(I’m not joking!).

    You remembered so many words your definitely good rememberers! We remembered the songs from our nativity and we joined in on a good sing song!!

    The costumes were stunning and you guys looked amazing with your accessories. Well done!

    If we could rate you guys it would be 11 out of 10!! And even more points for your hard work!
    By Rosie C and Lily D

  2. Jack AV says:

    Hosanna really did rock the school!

    I loved the singing – it was brilliant. However, my favourite part was the costumes because they stood out to any Nativity; I have ever seen before!

    By Jack AV.

  3. James B and Bailey S says:

    We really enjoyed this amazing performance that KS1 performed we also enjoyed the amazing costumes used by the young actors (buddies) we also remember all the way back to when we were in KS1 it was the most enjoyable time of our lives so far , we also remembered all the mind blowing songs and costumes especially the hilarious camels and the song Hosanna rock.

    by James and Bailey. 🙂

  4. Daisy.W says:


    Congratulations!I’m so amazed by all of you, you did really well and you learnt a lot of lines you all new all your lines and so confident. Well done I’m so impressed.

    All of the farm animals did really well on time and what to say, like the camel said ” I’m tired ” and loads of exposition with it.Well done Mary two you did extremely well same with Joseph I’m shore you’re Mummy’s and Daddy’s will be very proud.But I think Chloe had the hardness bit and did it really well and had a lot of confident how ever so did every one else.

    I fell the singing and talking was the best though. Well done all of the little stars you did really well in you’re amazing singing voices maybe you’ll be on x-factor!And every one new what they were doing and what to say including the actions were really good!
    Unfortunately, my buddy was not there, maybe he was I’ll or had an important but I still really enjoyed it and every buddy is really proud of you guys well done again!

  5. Woody says:

    Hosanna rocks! The KS1 buddy nativity was amazing!

    The costumes were really easy to know what character they were from the Nativity.
    We remember when we did it and this was incredible, the light, the lines!
    So many lines to remember the other day – Woody did a show and he had less lines and he couldn’t remember all of them!

  6. Mason S says:

    The is Thomas and Mason and blog post on the (hosanna rock/Key stage one) show.
    We all can’t believe how many words they learnt in the short period time. The buddy’s looked so adorable in their costumes. They were fantastic and it was so much better than the previous nativity. It was so clear the words that they were saying.
    By Thomas and Mason

  7. Ethan.B says:

    Hey guys.

    We loved your nativity. It was really amazing. We can tell you put a lot of effort into it.

    We also love your costumes! There are a loot of you so we bet it took allot of preparation on it. It was just speechless. But when you started the show I thought straight away it was going to be the best thing I’ve ever seen! But the outfits were outstanding and a WOWING performance!If we could rate you guys it would be 100%!! And even more points for your hard work! Keep all the hard work up!

    From Ethan And Frank

  8. Amy B and Emily H says:

    When we went to watch the KS2 Nativity, all of us were very exited.

    The costumes were fabulous and we would have never thought of anything better. You could tell what role they played from their costumes.

    Also they had a lot of lines to learn but there diction was very clear. Although some of them were very nervous, they all performed amazingly!

  9. James T says:

    Hosanna rocked the stage in this years nativity due to the fact that the singing and costumes were amazing! I loved the show and entertained every one till the end of the show which we all wished never ended!

    Jack G and James T ;-]

  10. Bethany T and Zara says:

    Wow this performance was mind blowing.

    We absolutely adored Hosanna rock. Wee also loved the songs so much – they were beautifully sang and as soon as we got home they were stuck in our heads!

    This was outstanding you all did great this reminded us of our first nativity ! 🙂

  11. George W says:

    Hosanna Rock Really Rocks

    Hosanna Rock was really great and creative!The children were so active, brave and cutely dressed!We would love to know what is going to happen next with our little actors!We knew what they were dressed as like sheep,cows and sheperds.In con clusion it was amazing for all to enjoy!

  12. Abi and Ellie says:

    Hosanna rock did really rock the school!

    The amazing costumes, brilliant lines, the music and the singing and even the actions fitted in really well with the music.

    The amount of effort that you but in was amazing and if we could see it again we would !

    by Ellie and Abigail

  13. Daisy.W says:


    Every one did really well.I think you should all be really proud of yourselves as it was such a hard and brave show you did.

    All the Mary’s and Josephs did really well on there independent singing – you are really brave as I’ve all ready said. All the animals who took part did really well so did the wise men and Shepard.

    I know you all worked really hard on this and you should all be really proud. It’s sad to think as I’m a year six and won’t see any more but I know this one the last one I’ve seen is the one I’ll all ways remember when I go off to Secondary School.

    Thank you

  14. Thomas P says:

    Hey guys,

    I loved your nativity; it was 10/10 I WAS AMAZING.

    I bet you put a lot of work in to it and we loved your singing and the costumes were amazing It was the best nativity I have ever seen the time I have been in this school.

    The singing was great and very loud. You’re parents are in for a treat!

  15. Katie W says:

    We really enjoyed the performance and would love to have seen it again. You all looked so adorable in your little outfits and many of the year sixes are so proud. I am sure everyone would be hounered to say you are a part of Hordle School. You all showed confidence when performing and it was incredible the amount of lines, songs and actions. The amount of effort you put into the production was outstanding! We were really impressed with the performance you gave us and there was not a moment that went wrong. You all carried on and Mar’s solo was phenomenal! Every note you hit perfectly. Hosanna rock really rocked the school. We remember our nativity and singing along to the songs in the audience brought all the amazing memories back. Well done to everyone and we hope your performance to your family’s goes well. A special well done to Mr Slattery, Mrs Bartolamao and Mrs Radford for putting together the amazing show for us to watch 🙂

  16. Kate P says:

    Amazing! Well done we were very proud of key stage 1 as they performed their brilliant nativity. Each one of them stood out and we knew exactly what was going on! It was utterly brilliant and it really rocked -they were very brave! I bet your parents are going to be as proud as we are well done! ‘Hosanna rock hosanna roll from the heavens above and the earth below’

  17. Katy and Tara says:

    The Key Stage One Nativity blew our socks off!

    The performance was brilliant and we all loved it! The lines that they had to learn! There were loads of them! The singing was very clear and we could hear every word. Near the start of the play, Mary sang on her own and it was amazing! She pronounced every word perfectly and her singing was beautiful.

    The costumes were obviously very well designed and the yr 1s and 2s wore them with pride. It was easy to see who everyone was and we thought they looked really cute!

    We adored the Key Stage One Nativity and we are heartbroken, as we will never see it again as we are off to Secondary School soon!

  18. Alice says:

    Ks1’s nativity was absolutely amazing-we enjoyed every part of it. As it was our last ever nativity, so we really treasured the songs. We haven’t had so much fun in ages!

    The costumes were really stunning- I loved how the tinsel was used as a hat for the children in the ‘hold your banners high’ song. The Angel costumes were one of the best, and it brought back memories to Alice, who was an Angel in Year 1. We liked how everyone was given a fascinating costume to wear.

    We don’t think you could have chosen better narrators: their diction was perfect, and they spoke loudly and confidently. Their words were phrased so all audiences could understand the story- and they didn’t rush their words because they were nervous. You could tell by their facial expressions how they were feeling- when it was their turn their faces were smiley and cheerful, which made the audience feel smiley and cheerful.

    The rest of KS1- the actors- really got into their scenes. The story had a very powerful vibe to it: the roles were played very successfully. We think Amelie really stood out; not only did she act as an amazing Mary, but she was very brave when it came to her solo parts. In fact, everyone played their parts perfectly, which resulted in a wonderful nativity.

    As for the songs: very contagious! Soon we found ourselves singing along to those familiar tunes- ‘Hosanna Rock’ was one we remembered extremely well. We picked up the words really well: like the narrators’ script, they were spoken loudly and confidently. I think a few new songs were put in there, but they were very easy to learn.

    Overall, it was an amazing Nativity and we loved it. As our last one, it played a really important role for us- and it played it really well. Thank you.

    By Alice, Lauren and Joseph 😀

  19. Katelyn.L says:

    Wow that was amazing from the Ks1 nativity how did they learn so many songs in a couple of weeks ?I hoped eveybody enjoyed the nativity

    Well done to the Fs nativity they learnt so many songs and were amazing doing it .All of them are exellent doing their parts who ever is a year 6 did you enjoy watching your buddy perform well done to the nativitys .

  20. Cameron.P says:

    wow!That was AMAZING!!!!!!I cant wait until next Nativity.I love a good Nativity that is stunning and that was!Well Done!

  21. Cameron.P says:

    wow!That was AMAZING!!!!!!I cant wait until next Nativity.I love a good Nativity that is stunning!Well Done!

  22. Jessica B says:

    Great work! Your singing was amazing!How did you do that? I loved it!

  23. Joshua.B says:

    WOW!!! Well done guys, you were absolutely amazing! I was astounded at how much work you put into it and I was mesmerised by your fancy costumes.

    Your singing was fantastic too, I really liked the song: ‘Hosanna Rock’ and I even tried joining in at the end! The children in my class you had brothers and sisters in the play were very, very proud of you!

    Well done Key Stage 1, you were so confident and you were always 100% sure of what you were doing 🙂

  24. Bethany H. says:

    Well done KS1. What a AMAZING show! You blew my socks of :-). I can remember when I did it. I think you all stood out. You should go on Britain’s got Talent. I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait until the next nativity KS1 put on.

  25. Michael F. says:

    WOW !!!!!!!!! Hosanna rocked the whole school.
    my favourite song was…Hosanna rock and the costumes stood out so much.
    You have amazing brains because you remembered all of your words when you told the story of Mary and Joseph. You can be in the X FACTOR.

  26. Thomas C. says:

    Wow you must have put so much effort into the best part for me was the hole lot I remember when I was in the show when I was little. you could win the x factor well done guys!!!!!!!!:):)

  27. Rebecca.P says:

    I think you were fantastic . There was so many lines and you remembered all of them. However your singing made a big smile on my face . I even danced along so did others I felt so happy . When I got into class I sang the song again and again . It would not get out of my head.

  28. Tyler M. says:

    I love how u rememberd evrything .The costumz were amazing i loved the donkey.I want it to be as great next year

  29. Evie G. says:

    Fantastic, I am amazed you blow my socks of. I remember when I was in mine ,I was a
    star, Can you help me act and sing because I think you could be a real actor. You can
    make me sing hosanna rock ;)WOW.

  30. amelia.m says:

    They were absolotly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved how they hade 3 Merrys from evry class.
    I don’t know how fast they lernt there lines.
    It was the first time I had ever seen it befor.
    I wish I was in it.
    And if I was I would be Merry or if could not be Merry I would be an angel.
    My favrot caricter was all the Merrys.
    They could win the XFacter.

  31. Violet E. says:

    Well done fabulous work.I can’t wait till the next nativity because the singing was great.The parents must of taken a lot of time making those cute costumes.In my first nativity in front of the whole school I was a angel.But you angels were much better:-)

  32. Jessica J says:

    It was really amazing everyone learned there lines and in the songs no one hit a bum note.If I was to rate it I would give it a 10000 out of 100.The great thing was every one took part and I love the songs Hossana did ROCK!

  33. Claudia H. says:

    The Hosanna rock nativity was amazing it reminded me of when I did the nativity.Yr 1 and 2 must of worked really hard and the costumes were stunning too . I enjoyed watching it however the best part of it was the singing , they remembered every word and there were no mistakes. I and cant wait for the next nativity. What was your favourite part of the nativity ?

  34. Dylan.S says:

    It`s amazing who new you can lern so meny words. My brother was in it and I`m proud of him he is amazing.

  35. Oliver.R says:

    Wow! The nativity was amassing! I cant believe that you remembered your lines and the songs! you cold win Britons got talent with that (i am not joking) ! It was better than any nativity i have ever seen ! I loved all the costumes especially the angel’s !

  36. Skye H says:

    WOW! What a amazing show I can but I can’t believe you remember all your lines and the songs!You could win (and I’m not joking)the X factor with those voices. I wish I had a voice like that like yours.What over songs are your favourite?

  37. Elissa F says:

    Wish I could off seen and been to them both!It sounds amazing you year 6’s wish I could be you and have a buddy (so want one)can’t wait until next year!

  38. Jessica J says:

    Wow, my sister was in it. She was one of the Marys. I loved it. My favourite parts were the cows and villages. They tried soooooooooooooooooo hard and the costumes were impressive.
    What did you like?

  39. Rachel F. says:

    it was an amazing performance to watch ! the costumes were so creative! I can’t believe you reached the standard of knowing the words off by heart! you really out through last years! my favourite part was when ‘one of the Marys’ sung her song:)!

  40. Gary P says:

    That was an unforgettable performance and i loved all of it.thank you so much to all the teachers for putting all of this together every year and I absouletely can’t wait for next years production.

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