Team Cooper Big Write Dragon Writers

This week, Team Cooper experimented with a new writing technique- using a flashback!

For many children, it was the first time they had used this structural feature of story writing so it was challenging trying to plan in a flashback which would work within their story.

All the children worked so hard and I have read some fabulous big writes today. However, 4 stood out for me and these are my Dragon Writers this week.

Congratulations to Bethany, Freya, Grace and Toby. You all achieved PB’s in your writing this week.

Congratulations to the rest of my set who also produced some gorgeous pieces of writing- it was hard narrowing it down to 4 pieces for the BLOG!

Miss C.

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3 Responses to Team Cooper Big Write Dragon Writers

  1. Rachel F. says:

    well done to Bethany, Freya, Grace and Toby , your writing is outstanding . you must have worked really hard do get a PB!!!

  2. Lauren H. says:

    Amazing, doing a flashback is really good and it engages the reader. Bethany, Freya, Grace and Toby must have thought really hard to be chosen!WELL DONE!!:-)

  3. Alice says:

    I really like it when I read flashbacks; it makes me refer to real life scenarios where I’ve had a similar situation. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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