Team Squirrel’s Author of the Half Term Review

This half term, our KS1 author of the half term is Simon James.

Team Squirrel has read two of this author’s books, ‘Baby Brains Superstar’ and ‘Little One Step’.  First, we read ‘Baby Brains Superstar’ – a book all about a Baby Rockstar!  Izzy loved his big hit ‘I WANT MY MUMMY!’ and Jack’s favourite part was when the audience cheered.  Roxy couldn’t believe that the baby’s mummy put headphones on her tummy!

Little One Step is about a little chick who was really tired and wanted to learn to fly.  Ellie-Mae loved Little One Step’s resilience when he was learning to fly and Phoebe noted how he had to learn to walk before he could fly.

In a recent  KS1 assembly, Mr Slattery read ‘The Birdwatchers’ to all three classes.  This was a tale all about how a Granddad introduced his Granddaughter to the world of bird-watching; something she was captivated by.  As William noted, it was all about how important family and nature are.

Overall, us Squirrels have really enjoyed the Simon James’ work and we can’t wait to hear about how other Team’s have enjoyed reading their author of the month!

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4 Responses to Team Squirrel’s Author of the Half Term Review

  1. Rachel F. says:

    that sounds interesting! they all sound like such fun stories! Simon James is really creative to come up with that! hope squirrel had fun reading/listening to them;).

  2. Gary P says:

    That sounds amazing squirrels.Ithink Simon James is a great author and I bet you had fun listening to’ Baby Brains Superstar’and’Little One Step’.

  3. Jessie J says:

    Oh that sounds really interesting I think I’ll find it at the library Simon James is a fantastic kids author I hope you had fun!

  4. Alice says:

    I like how Simon James is a ‘perfectionist’ like me- he wants to get things perfect, just how he imagined them. His books have an out-of-the-box aura to them that I really enjoy: The fact that ‘Baby Brains’ could play the rock guitar at such a small age.

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