Team Hazel Dragon Writer of the Week

This week, my Dragon Writer award goes to Hannah! Her gorgeous non-fiction writing on ‘The Rainforest’ was well planned and she showed off her use of super sentence level skills! Can you spot her drop in clauses? Can you spot the use of commas in a list?

Well done Hannah, you are a star writer.

Miss C

Hannah 1

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2 Responses to Team Hazel Dragon Writer of the Week

  1. Rachel F. says:

    I really enjoyed reading Hannah’s writing I never new ‘western tarsiers’ looked lik;)teddy bears in sunglasses ! Well Done Hannah! 😉

  2. Alice says:

    It’s interesting that 50% of animals live there- you don’t really think about all the species that live in different parts of the rainforest! I like the questi0n at the end of the introduction. Well done! 😀

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