Y6 Football Season so far…

When reaching the first game, the team was anxious with nerves which could’ve affected the final result but we never let our heads drop until the final whistle. Although we kept going, the oppositions’ skill and experience overcame us. However, our next game was very different as we played strategically and confidently which allowed us to win with a brilliant score of 8-2! Somewhat affected by our complacency, the next game was against last year’s rivals – Lymington. During this match, we had our doubts and unfortunately lost but kept our spirits alive to the very end. On Gary’s debut (a Year 5), we played  Ashley. Although James did score first, our small arrogance led to defeat but with a positive attitude. Most recently, our dreaded game against Milford on red nose day was most disappointing as we lost 6-0 but we tried our best as we had a different team than usual. Overall, we’ve had an indifferent start to the season but the main thing is that we never let our heads down which is the main thing for Hordle’s future and we still love playing the game.

James A and Gary P

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  1. Mason S says:

    It was so much fun and winning by 8-2 was an incredible feeling.:)

  2. Alice says:

    What great progress. As long as you enjoyed yourselves, you had a brilliant day. Keep that spirit, and get tready for your next match/tournament. Good luck! (not that you’ll need it though, obviously :P).

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