An amazing week at Little Canada!

Our bags are packed, just about, and we’re enjoying our last activities –  climbing, zip wire and the Matrix! The Year 5 children have been wonderful ambassadors for Hordle and have demonstrated all of our superhero qualities of risk taking, motivation, responsibility, resilience, teamship and sense of humour.  Almost lunch then we’ll begin our journey home. We look forward to sharing our exciting adventure with our family, friends and everyone back at school.

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4 Responses to An amazing week at Little Canada!

  1. Joshua.B says:

    I really enjoyed little Canada and I’m sure all the other year 5s will agree! My favourite activity was the Matrix which was definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY! QuadBike cleaning! Our cabins were great and the food was luxury! Recently we had to write a letter to Little Canada saying how GREAT they were! I really hope the year 4s our looking forward to this and are very excited!


  2. Elissa F says:

    We had a amazing time!

  3. Imogen C says:

    Although I am a year six, I still remember the great experience I had last year at PGL! I hope the year fives had a great time at PGL! My favourite activity was the Matrix (Quad Bike cleaning). 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Jessica B says:

    The year 5’s had great fun. First of I was really worried and scared but in the end I loved it. They had real cool activities to do and we had a DISCO.My favorite activity was the epic Matrix {Quad Bike Cleaning}!!!!!!!! IT’S A TIME TO REMEMBER!!!!!!!

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