Girls year 3/4 football tournament

On Thursday 21st May the 3/4 girls football team went to Lymington  Junior School for a exhilarating time . As you know we were the first 3/4  girls football team we set the standers high, so watch out boys! There were around 10 teams so we were lucky to qualify as second in our group. As we reached to the quarter finals we started to worry but we didn’t need to because we won that game. After our next game it lifted our spirits because we were in the FINALS. As we prepared for the next game we realised we were against Bartley .We had played them before and lost 2-0 but we all played at our best. But we didn’t mind because we got a place and we came home with a silver medals, we were all amazed!


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3 Responses to Girls year 3/4 football tournament

  1. Grace B says:

    Wow that’s great!

  2. Alice says:

    Considering all those teams who entered, it was a great achievement to be in the finals. And silver medals are just as good as gold! 😀 Well done, good luck for your next match/tournament.

  3. Ella B says:

    Well done to all the girls who went to the tournament!!! Silver is a great achievement!!

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