Look who is coming…

After petition, petition and….another petition, Team Deerleap have finally got their newest team mate (like any member of Team Deerleap, she loves a good book- see attached photo!)

She can’t wait to meet you tomorrow, keep a look out on the school Blog for more Hamster news!

Mrs Scott

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17 Responses to Look who is coming…

  1. Naledi.J says:

    : )

  2. Naledi.J says:

    i will comment soon : )

  3. Violet E. says:

    I can’t wait to see the Hamster. It looks so fluffy and cute! I can not wait to hold the hamster. :-).Squeak!!!!


  4. Naledi.J says:

    Amelie and I firstly made a petition and everyone in the whole entire class signed it !
    (Even the teachers did!)That day , when we came home from school , we planned out a long , long letter to Mrs Adams , checked it with the teacher and went of to show her our amazing work. When we came back , we had some great news for the class , but then we found some bad news.Unfortunately , the person who had kindly lent us the hamster cage was going to bring it in but then they found out that they sold it on eBay ages ago.So the next night I really quickly made some posters asking people if they had old cages but none of them did . In the end , we found out that we had enough money to buy

  5. Naledi.J says:

    Sorry I have to carry on here
    A brand new cage . The next thing we did was made another petition for parents to sign and every one did . That weekend Mrs Scott got the new addition to deerleap class . Today she is coming in and every one shall vote for a name . As a result to all my hard work , I get to take her home on the weekend .So if you work hard enough , you get treats when you are finished !!!

  6. Naledi.J says:

    Fizzy is the best name ever !

  7. Naledi.J says:

    So cute and its new name is fizzy in the lead with 18 votes : )

  8. Violet E. says:

    I love the name Fizzy. I am so happy the class voted for the name. The hamster this morning was lying on it’s back.IT LOOKED SO CUTE!!!! I have not had my Fizzy time yet but I am really exited to play with her. 🙂

  9. Violet E. says:

    The new addition has finally been named. I am proud to announce that the hamster is called Fizzy. Fizzy is like an extra student to Dearleap class 2015-2016.

  10. Violet E. says:

    It is a delight to have a lovely hamster in our class. I think we should say thank you to Amelie,Naledi and Mrs Scott for Kindly organising it for us.

  11. Violet E. says:

    I hope the children next year in Dearleap class enjoy the hamster as much as us.

  12. Skye H says:

    WOW. Asome hamster cant wait to see it when I get back to school. I have seen it but I would love to see more picturs again.

  13. Skye H says:

    Looking at this hamster just brings tears of joy. All of the chilldren in Deerleap class are so so so so so luky to have a hamster. Now in Hordle we have two hamsters one in Deerleap and one in Hawhill. Don’t let them meet or BABES.
    @!!!!!!!!! HAMSTER ARE SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@

  14. Melissa C. says:

    I wish I had one in Wiverly class too .
    It seems like he/she loves books and
    nibbling he/she is SO CUTE

  15. Oliver.P says:

    She looks so cute! I wonder if she and Humphrey shall become best friends. Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing with her, Deerleap.

  16. Violet E. says:

    Fizzy is so cute I have held and she is so fluffy .I have not taken her home yet but I am exited to.

  17. Violet E. says:

    .I have not taken her home yet but I am exited to.

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