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If You Were Competing In The Olympics…

If you were competing in the Olympics, what sport would you do? Would you be: a runner, a swimmer or something else?!

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Favourite Subject?

What’s your favourite subject: Maths,English,Reading or Science? What subject are the year 6s least looking forward and what are the subjects they are looking forward to in your SATS? Are you nervous or looking forward to them? I would love … Continue reading

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What’s Your Dream Job?

Blog about what you want to do when you’re older! Maybe: a Nurse, a footballer, a hairdresser, a dentist, a teacher, some kind of instructor or to be in the army! There might be a unusual job you want to do … Continue reading

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Katy’s Pets

Hello, these are pictures of all my pets! The first picture is my fish ‘Tinkerbell’ unfortunately after a rather short time she sadly passed away. The second picture is of one of my Guinea Pigs ‘Milly’ she is still here now, I love the colour of … Continue reading

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