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Countries to Explore

India powerpoint America Powerpoint Australia Powerpoint

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Year 1

  This is a great book about a little girl named Sophie who has a tiger join her for tea! Wondering just what it’s like to have tea with a tiger? You’ll have to read it to find out.

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Coventry World War II

Lesson Six THE BLITZ

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Guide Dogs for the Blind

Team Oak, Badger, Wilverley and Deerleap chose to sponsor the national charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind. Having completed all of our Autumn Term cake sales, all the children in these classes then cast their votes for the puppy of … Continue reading

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How to Use the School Library

This week, we will be having refresher lessons on how to use our fabulous school library. Have you got any tips you would like to share with the other pupils on how to choose a good book? What book have you enjoyed … Continue reading

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Spelling for the Week

In the Upper Juniors this week, the Learning Council have been finding out more about Wordy’s Spells! Click on the links below to watch video clips about the suffix -ify, the homophones cereal and serial and tips on how to … Continue reading

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Year 6 English

Read some fascinating facts about the disadvantages of wind farms.   Wind Turbines

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Team Trim/Reynolds

This week, we have been writing information pages about the Poison Arrow Frog. We used our imaginations to write a factual page about the frog’s appearance and what it eats. A huge well done to Lawrence and Lewis for being … Continue reading

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Grammar in Team Trim/Reynolds

In Team Trim/Reynolds this Monday, we will be teaching ourselves all about adjectives. Have a look at a few our our quiz questions and if you’re feeling like a risk-taker then follow this link to a game on adjectives! SPAG … Continue reading

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Health Week

In the Lower Juniors today, we will be learning about the effects of exercise on your health. In fact, we have five questions which we need to find the answers to. Have a look at the fact sheet below which … Continue reading

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