Science Links

Visit and help Pod put the body back together.

You could also visit:

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DPA Survey

Dear children,

Thank you so much for your support with our Daily Physical Activity (DPA) initiative so far this year. In order for us to continue grow it, I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete this survey by clicking on the link below:

DPA Children’s Survey

Thank you,

Mr Slattery

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LJ Earthquake Links

Here are the websites the Lower Junior team will be using to research earthquakes. Feel free to have a browse – perhaps you could even share any knowledge you may have about earthquakes…

Earthquake Case Study (Haiti – Poor)

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LJ Topic Links

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Feeling about gold badge.

Earning my gold on my  sports passport is amazing because it is my 3rd gold badge in 3 years.
The reason I was awarded my gold is because I play golf for Hampshire at the 2nd highest county level. My sister has also achieved a gold badge by winning a gymnastics competition for Highcliffe tumblers. She feels very happy about it. We love sport!

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Newest HSA style

This morning, the newest HSA ambassador badge was awarded to sports ambassadors who have represented Hordle School for more than one year. We have been given a star to add to our sport ambassador badge showing our dedication to Team Hordle. So if you have five stars on your arm it means that you have spent five years of being a well dedicated sports ambassador. What a great idea HSA!

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Quicksticks and speed bounce!

I was delighted when I was given my quicksticks badge along with my silver medalists team. It is the first year that the teachers are giving  them out and to of got one on my first year here was amazing.The quicksticks tournament was at Arnewood School and it was so fun; my favourite  challenge  was minefield. Sitting listening to the results was so tense but when they called our name in second place we were over the moon.

I also got the award for the most speedbounce jumps in 20 seconds (out of  year 4 boys).  Speedbounce is very exhausting but I managed to get 42 bounces  in the 20 seconds I had to do it in. When they called my name in 1st place I was really excited to collect my certificate.

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HSA Celebration Assembly


What an amazing term it has been for Team Hordle in sport! Well done everyone for achieving awards and certificates, and sporting colours  in a variety of different sports and competitions. It has been a very fun and successful term.

Sport for all and all for sport! Go team Hordle

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I was chosen to do a competition called Quicksticks .My team was a mixture of abilities and we came 7th it was a very rewarding competition as it was on remembrance day so we had 2 minutes silence. It helped me to work on my teamwork and I was chosen to be awarded with a team ship band . I almost lost my voice from cheering so much. My favourite challenge was the minefield, but the zig zags  (and then you shoot) was  close behind. It took place at Arnewood  School I felt at home at the school. Unfortunately,  it got dark but we still played on. The pitch was covered in a sea of yellow and blue. Since I am in year four it was my last Quicksticks competition. I also did it last year. I had lots of fun!

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Year One and Two Athletics



Today I talked to Billy and Tamara about what they liked about participating in Hordle’s first ever year 1/2 athletics tournament which took place in December 2015. Billy`s favourite was the relay race because of the determination involved. Tamara’s favourite was the speed bounce. The team came an amazing 4th place out of 16 teams 2 points off a bronze! Well done year 1/2 athletics team!

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