HSA sports star award

This morning, the HSA team awarded the brand new sport star colours. Anabel,who is very sporty, achieved her colours and was amazed to receive her award. She felt extremely proud of herself to be noticed as a sports star and shows real dedication.

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Sport ambassadors

This is how we feel about being a sports ambassador.   Gary P: Personally, I thoroughly enjoy being a sports ambassador because I love sports and I am dedicated to any challenge that comes my way.       Ben F: Because I enjoy helping out to win points for my team and like helping run sessions.      Edward W: I love being a sports ambassador because I love helping out and doing jobs to help my team. I also like doing it to help my teachers and running things like virtual challenges. I hope everyone could have this privilege.

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sports ambassadors hsa AUDIO

This is our HSA podcast! Hope you enjoy!


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Upper Junior Baking! Making Greek Biscuits.

This morning, the Upper Juniors have been baking Greek biscuits. We think they’ll taste delicious. 

Check out our super baking skills!

Mrs Scott

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LJ Maths Uplevel


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LJ Fairtrade Lesson

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Eddie and Katelyn’s Podcast

eddie and katelyns podcast 2

We hope you enjoy listening to our Podcast!

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Look who is coming…

After petition, petition and….another petition, Team Deerleap have finally got their newest team mate (like any member of Team Deerleap, she loves a good book- see attached photo!)

She can’t wait to meet you tomorrow, keep a look out on the school Blog for more Hamster news!

Mrs Scott

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Stone Age Powerpoint

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Lower Junior Maths Links

Here are the different links the Lower Juniors will be using to study measures in Maths next week.  Feel free to have a go at home!





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