Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage 1 on the blog…

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  1. Eve C says:

    Every time I look at the pretty corridoor I get blown away at the beautiful sites .

  2. Zara G says:

    We were outstanded by all the amazing sights it looked so pretty.The pictures and the mindmaps where so mesmerising.Were you amazed that your writing was placed on the board by one of the teatchers
    By Zara and Millie

  3. Eliza J says:

    I’ve seen the corridor it’s amazing. I also loved your entry point. It was great. You know a lot about the fire of London! Hope it went well with the parents ,that was after us, ; you where great.

  4. Chloe Q says:

    Key stage one I think that it is really nice for you to be on the blog with us now.

  5. Talia P. says:

    I think it really nice that your on the blog and your Teachers are the best!!!

  6. Jasmine B says:

    When i first started on the blog i foud out lots of learning about the blog. partically, i enjoyed looking aroud the blog and learing new things about it.

    have a good time learning about the blog.

  7. Amelia T says:

    I love going on the blog i hope you love it too !!!!!!!

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