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Can anyone help Mr Phillips?

Can anyone help me? I have to teach a lesson all about the Moon but I don’t know anything about it. It would be great if you could blog facts about the Moon and the Moon landings. Thank you so … Continue reading

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Year 6 Show Celebrities!!!

Because we have the year 6 production coming along soon, we have many different celebrities ….. So who is you favourite and what do you like about them? Why?

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Secondary Schools!

SECONDARY SCHOOLS!!! Year 6 ( and any year 5s who know which school they are going to), post about your new secondary schools: why you chose them, what you are looking forward to and how much you are going to … Continue reading

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What’s your favourite TV programme?

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UJ Gecko Maths Homework Challenge

We all enjoy working as a team to compete during a Gecko Maths Challenge. The Upper Juniors’ homework challenge this week is to write a Gecko Maths problem, which can be used for our next Gecko Maths challenge.

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Kangaroos and Didgeridoos Research Task

So far, during our topic ‘Kangaroos and Didgeridoos’, you have all carried out some incredibly useful research on Captain Cook and the Aborigines. In order to continue with our learning, your task is to carry out some more research and … Continue reading

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Thomas’ Pet

This is my dog Millie. She is a small Yorkshire terrier and she is incredibly adorable. She is ten months old and she is always cheerful. However, she does always get into mischief. by Thomas T

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Learning Heroes at PGL!

Throughout our week at PGL, we all needed to use our Superhero Learning Values. Which of the Superhero Learning Values did you use the most? How did that learning hero help you to overcome a challenging situation? What have you … Continue reading

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Olivia’s Pets!

As you can see I have many, many pets and there are two missing. The two missing are Bubbles,my hamster, and Roxy, one of my dogs, but also we have many more cows and horses but I thought I’d tell … Continue reading

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Oliver’s Dog!

This is my adorable Dog Patch. Although Patch is 4 years old in human years, he is actually 28 years old in Dog years. Strangely, Patch always barks at the post man in the moning, this is because Dogs are colour blind … Continue reading

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