World Book Day Family Learning Exhibition

On 7th March 2013, pupils celebrated World Book Day in style. Have a look at some of these wonderful creations which children made at home as part of a family learning project. They represent children’s favourite book characters. Which one is your favourite?


















5 Responses to World Book Day Family Learning Exhibition

  1. Freya S says:

    WOW! What amazing art pieces! Well done to everyone for taking part in this project. Moreover, a very special well done for anyone if your homework is on display. If you helped or worked together with a friend or family member, good job for helping one another and great teamship.

  2. Alice N says:

    I think everybody tried really hard with their projects, and I think every single piece of artwork was worth making! My creation was supposed to be Harry Potter’s suitcase, and it contained his glasses ( a 3D pair from the cinema), his wand (a painted stick from the garden), the golden snitch (a glitter-glue painted ball), the Marauders Map ( a frayed piece of paper with a guide of Hogwarts’ grounds and Castle drawn on the front), a letter to his godfather Sirius (a piece of notebook paper rubbed with a teabag, which had the exact words Harry used from ‘The Order Of The Phoenix’). Everyone tried their best. Well Done! 😀

  3. Jasmine B says:

    I think everybody tried so hard but my best one is the big fluffy oranges monster.

  4. Jasmine B says:

    I think everyone tried so hard and gave a bit of resilince an had a good go.My favourite one is the lorax and probally the gingerbread man.

  5. Rachel F. says:

    Wow! they were all brilliant! But I have to say my favourite was stick man (by Lauren Ha!)

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