Today is WORLD BOOK DAY and the school is full of amazing costumes, inspired by book characters!

To begin the day, pupils were treated to a very special performance of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ – the classic story by Roadl Dahl – by the teachers and TAs!

What did you think of the staff pantomime? Who was your favourite character? Which child’s World Book Day costume has really impressed you? (remember, no surnames).

5 Responses to WORLD BOOK DAY 2015

  1. Archie G says:

    The play was just great. I did not go to the school pantomime but that made up for missing it.

  2. Amelia T says:

    This staff pantomime was great and sooo funny. When I looked around the hall everyone was smiling and joined in with the fun.

  3. Rachel F. says:

    The play was so good I couldn’t possibly chose my favourite there for all of the characters are my favourite characters (but I must say I did like grandpa Joe and Charlie) overall it was a fabulous and I must add the oompa loompas were really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

  4. Sulis.H says:

    I thought it was amazing seing the teachers and T.A’s dressed up as characters. My favorite was Mr slatery as mike teavee.He was very funny.
    I also LOVED the T.A-ompa loompas because they were COOL!

  5. Joey B says:

    We’ll never forget that amazing show

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