January/February – Key Stage Two

Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart is a highly regarded children’s author and illustrator. He often works in collaboration with Chris Riddell and together they have created many well-known books including the Edge Chronicles which has sold over three million copies and is available across the world in thirty different languages!

He has received acclaim for his novels by achieving the following awards:

  • The Smarties Prize GOLD MEDAL for Fergus Crane (2004)
  • The Smarties Prize SILVER MEDAL for Corby Flood (2005)
  • The Smarties Prize SILVER MEDAL for Hugo Pepper (2006)

All of these books are available in the library NOW!

Which one would you recommend to a friend? Why?

What have you enjoyed about one of his books?

2 Responses to January/February – Key Stage Two

  1. Gary P says:

    Wow what an amazing author and I was completely inspired to read one of his books.

  2. Jessie J says:

    Paul Stewart is a really good author I love reading his books. So far I have read :Corby Flood ,in the deep woods the edge chronicles and dog bird I enjoyed them so I garrante others will aswell.

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