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Team Hawkhill’s Greek Pots

This afternoon, team Hawkhill have enjoyed finishing their Ancient Greek clay pots! We have needed to be very resilient and the final pots are looking stunning!

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KS1 Born in a Barn!

What a week we have had down in KS1! ┬áIn preparation for Christmas we have been performing our Nativity ‘Born in a Barn’ to the rest of the school, Grandhordles and our families. Born in a Barn reminds us about … Continue reading

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Class Attendance Competition!

Recently, Captain Aspiration launched a new inter-class competition – for the best attendance at school! All teams need to stay above the Captain’s green POWER LINE (95% attendance) in order to ensure they can recharge their superhero learning powers. How … Continue reading

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What do you like about blogging? Is our Hordle blog something to be proud of? Why? Did you know that anybody in the world can see our blog? Do you ever blog from home?

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The Year 6s and their Foundation Buddies enjoyed a festive DISCO in the hall recently! After dancing away to an array of songs, Mr Phillips organised a dance-off competition and then everybody gathered in the FS classrooms for a drink … Continue reading

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IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME – Reflections

As our brilliant IPC topic draws to and end, it’s time to reflect on our learning journey. What has been the highlight for you? What new things have you learnt? What would you still like to learn more about? What … Continue reading

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Greek Pottery!

Last week, the Upper Juniors created some fabulous Ancient Greek-style clay pots! Using the coil technique, an array of pottery was formed and is now being fired in the kiln, ready for painting! Did you enjoy the pot making, Upper … Continue reading

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Praisin’ Hands Puppet Performance!!!

The school were treated this morning to a fantastic performance of the nativity story, retold by a hilarious group of puppets! From Vern the silly bird to the animals of the barn, a great musical playlist and special effects made … Continue reading

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