Lower Junior P4C


How do children in developing countries feel about having little food and water and living in such difficult conditions?

This week, during P4C, Team Oak had a very thought-provoking discussion on people who live in the developing world and how they feel about the circumstances in which they live. One of the children suggested that they did not have a ‘proper life’ because of these conditions so we then unpicked what we meant by a ‘proper life’.

What do you think a ‘proper life’ means and how do you think children in the developing world feel about having little food and water and living in these conditions?

Team Oak, it would be great to hear some of the questions or final thoughts you have following this weeks discussion.

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  1. James A says:

    I think children, living in their conditions, feel very worried because they don’t know if they have enough water and food to last them.I wonder if they’re doing something about it.

  2. Katy W says:

    I really want to make a change to poor countries like Africa. Recieving money and food, and all those other things that humans need to survive, will mean the world to the citizens of Africa. Almost everyone in this country knows what Africa needs, they just can’t be bothered to give it to them,or they are selfish and greedy and all they care about are themselves. We need to change Africa, and we don’t just need to do it in a year or so. It needs to happen now. Think about it. The people of Africa are so lonely, concerned and worried for each other. they need our help, and they need it now.

  3. Lily R says:

    I am really shoked about how they live compared to us.we have to make a diffaonce.

  4. Lauren says:

    Its so sad.We should do something about it.

  5. Keith says:

    I think we should help them and give them water and food

  6. Holly T says:

    I agree with you all,people shouldn’t be treated like this!In my class(Wilverly) we did a simmalar topic on red nose day and I felt quite sad talking about it but when I saw how much money England raised I was blown away I really think we’are going to make a differance!

  7. Sulis.H says:

    They must feel very sad because they have dirty water and little food:(

  8. Ruby W says:

    When we learnt about this topic when I was in the lower juniors I found it quit sad because when you think about all the gadgets and computers we have when they have to travel miles to just get to school. Like Holly said when we revealed how much we raised only as one school in the whole country count all the other schools in the UK AND everyone who called up for the show on BBC that’s loads.

  9. Daisy.W says:

    When I did a p4c like this it is very sad to see that you have all this and they don’t even have food morning launch and night. :(But at lest we know people do help with money to save their life’s

  10. Joseph Benjafield says:

    Ooo that’s quite hard but i think family is more important because friends change.

  11. Joseph Benjafield says:

    Ooo that’s quite hard but I think family is more important because friends change.

  12. Bethany T says:

    I am shocked how it is like that now and people are starveing if only I could save them. Would you save a homeless if you could? 🙂

  13. Elissa F says:

    Thease conditions are very frightning. maybe are school may be able to donate some toys and clotthing!!!!!!!P4C is very intresting and was wondering what would be next.

  14. Alice N says:

    It is interesting to hear other people’s ideas about this question. The thought of people having no homes, no food, and no water ( 🙁 :O ) really helps us appreciate how fortunate we are. However all the problems unfortunate people have could all change with Comic Relief, Children In Need, and other Charities.

    Thank you for reading my ideas about this P4C question.


  15. Imogen C says:

    I personally think that a ‘proper life’ is being happy, having the correct oppurtunities and having friends and a family who love you and who will coach you through the hardest of times. It dosen’t matter about wealth, greed or good looks, it’s what it is in your head and body that matters. I would of loved to be included in your P4C lessons more often! They sound like really interesting conversations!

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