REAL P.E. Half-Term Activities

During February half-term, a new video of a REAL P.E. challenge will be posted each day, from Monday to Friday. After watching the video, try to complete the challenge yourself! Can you challenge other members of your family to have a go?

Juniors, you can add blog comments to let others know how you get on!


Good Morning Team! The link below will take you to the first of our half-term REAL P.E. Challenges! Watch our demonstrator displaying his skills in holding a ball and moving it around his legs in a figure-of-eight. Have a go yourself! Challenge your family! Who can do this for the longest?


(the video can take a few minutes to load so once you have clicked on it, just be patient – a good opportunity to do some warm up exercises!)


So, how did we all get on with the Monday Challenge? Well done to the people who have already blogged! Today, watch the video of our demonstrator really working her leg muscles with these tricky squats. No equipment is needed today so why not try this alongside your family at the same time – who can last the longest?

Click the link below to watch (and remember that it can take a few minutes to load – warm up whilst you wait!)

Once the video has loaded, you can pause it using the enter key and rewind/fast forward using left/right arrows.



For today’s challenge, you will need a cone (or something similar) which you can pass across your body whilst laying down. Watch our demonstrator as she gets into the ‘dish’ position and then tries to put her hands behind her – it’s not easy! Finally, try moving the cone across – how many times can you do this?!

Remember to blog about your REAL P.E. challenges Juniors!



Good morning team! For today’s challenge, you will need a partner (and a ball). Watch as our demonstrators show you the activity – you will need quick reactions to succeed! Who is the best in your family?



Morning team! Your final challenge is being posted bright and early because it is the toughest one so far and you will need to show lots of resilience! Good luck!


32 Responses to REAL P.E. Half-Term Activities

  1. Lauren P says:

    I am so excited about doing the real P.E callenge I’ve never do it before!!!:)

  2. Amelia T says:

    I cant wait. I need to get my family involved with all the activity’s. It will be great fun!. 😉

  3. Daisy.W says:

    Ow no I don’t have a ball but there my brothers football one but it’s all wet great haha. I’ve just done it wow that is hard

  4. Lauren H. says:

    I really enjoyed this and my mum and sister joined in too.

  5. Grace B says:

    Just done the monday’s exercise tonight it was so hard upper juniors is so good at sports i cant believe that their that good. :-/

  6. Ella B says:

    I am very excited about doing the real PE challenge,because it will be something to get the family moving!I also hope that all the other familys are going to enjoy it.I love sport so I think it will be fun!

  7. James R says:

    I got all the family to do this exercise and are now all tired.

  8. Bethany H. says:

    It was fun and challenging.

  9. Thomas P says:

    Mondays challenge was easy but I beat that tuesday challenge is hard 🙂

  10. Thomas P says:

    Tuesdays challenge was a hard one because I found it difficult to balance on one leg.

  11. Olivia B. says:

    I really enjoyed it i liked the first one

  12. Grace B says:

    i love exercise but its really hard in the harder activities i found out that even the upper juniors is struggling.

  13. Bethany H. says:

    Balancing for today’s real P.E was harder than the rest of the weeks.

  14. Joseph W says:

    (This was wrote by Edward Wooster because his pass word was not working).

    I enjoyed all the different challenges for half term. I really enjoyed challenge number
    2. I liked it because it helped me with balance. My mum also enjoyed number 2 because
    she still does it at the gym. As a family we have exersized a lot this half term (swimming,
    ski bobbing, walking, football and cricket) and feel healthy.

  15. Katie W says:

    I really enjoyed the half term real p.e challenge as me and my family have been risk takers trying new sports and having captain sense of humour when things were tricky and we got up, tried again and laughed at our mistakes! I hope everyone enjoyed doing it at home as much as I did 🙂

  16. Joey D. says:

    Friday`s challenge was exciting because my Grandad joined in!

  17. George P. says:

    I enjoyed doing all of the exercises. I mostly enjoyed the one where you roll the ball around your waist. I found the one where you lie down and put your legs in the air very hard because it made my tummy ache a bit!

  18. Melissa C. says:

    I found the Wednesday challenge a bit, hard to do the dish shape.

  19. supervisor.croutear says:

    All the family really enjoyed taking part in the half term homework. Although some was hard we were all resilient to take part in all of them!

    From Jasmine P

  20. Mr Croutear says:

    Well done to all of the people who have had a go at the REAL P.E. activities over half-term, and especially to those Juniors who have added their own comments to the blog! It has been great to hear the Hordle values being used so much – I expected lots of resilience but it was also good to hear that you used sense of humour, Katie! I am also very pleased to hear that plenty of family members have been getting active too – well done to Joey’s Grandad!

  21. Joey B says:

    This week I have gone to Sports camp , swimming and played Rugby !

  22. Miss Heathman says:

    Wow! It is fantastic to see so many of you taking part and posting about the Real P.E challenges this week. My favourite challenge was passing the ball around my waist, and we even adapted it in my family to try this challenge standing on one leg! Tricky! I look forward to hearing about your favourite challenges and the tasks which you may have found even harder!

    Miss Heathman.

  23. Thomas P says:

    I found it hard to pass the object arm to arm and after that i felt my tummy muscles being pulled and it felt pane full for a bit.

  24. Mr Slattery says:

    How fantastic it is to see so many be risk takers and having a go at these challenges! It is great to see you all using the Hordle Learning Values to complete the challenges; I know I certainly had to be resilient and have a sense of humour when completing Friday’s very tricky task!

    A huge well done from me to everyone who has had a go at doing these challenges this half term. I cannot wait to hear all about it tomorrow!

    Mr Slattery

  25. Mrs Adams says:

    How fantastic to see so many of you getting involved. Well done to everyone who got the whole family exercising. Don’t forget to send us in your photos so that we can put them in In Touch and show them at our HSA Assembly.
    Go Team Hordle!

  26. Gary P says:

    I really enjoyed the real PE sessions however I found the exercise on Friday the most challenging.

  27. Rocco R says:

    Wow! What a great half term having a go at all the activities. My favourite was Tuesday. My family joined in too.

  28. Ethan.B says:

    I enjoyed the Friday one that I did it was really hard but you’ve got to take a risk sometimes

  29. Alice N says:

    I had a look at some of the challenges and some of them seemed quite hard!

  30. Rachel F. says:

    The challenges were very difficult ! Wednesday I think was the trickiest!!! 😉

  31. Gary P says:

    Personally, I think that Wednesday’s challenge was definitely the hardest,and I can’t wait to get my family involved!

  32. Alice says:

    I had no idea this was running so I didn’t take part. Wish I did! The ones we do in school are great fun as well- I hope in 2016 the challenges get even more exciting for the new Team Hordle!

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