19 Responses to P4C

  1. Amy B says:

    Today was a veary exciting day on p4c.We were learning about the rich and the poor good idears team Hazel keep the hard work up.

  2. Chloe G says:

    I love P4C Just as much as PE !

  3. Ethan.P says:

    During P4C we were lerning about poor and rich African people.We had a great time did you?

  4. Jamie Neilson says:

    Have a nice time learning about it. Nice comment by the way.

  5. Leon M says:

    I think your family is more important because it is your only friend you will have throughout your life.

  6. Conrad H says:

    I think famiy is more important because they are always there for you.

  7. Jamie Neilson says:

    Family are more improtant because they feed you.

  8. Isabelle Moody says:

    I think family is more important because family is with you for ever and friends are not.

  9. Chloe Q says:

    I think that p4c is a good way to get everyone’s ideas together.

  10. Imogen C says:

    Personally, I think that family are more important because they are your blood relations and they take care of you, give you a home and they provide you with needs.

  11. Marshall H says:

    P4c is a great way to get us all together and to share eachothers idea.

  12. Alyssia Frampton says:

    I think family is more important than freinds because they look after you.

  13. Jasmine B says:

    I think family is important than friends because family loves you and cares.

  14. Louis R says:

    Have a nice easter everybody. (*)

  15. Marshall H says:

    I loved our last P4C lesson as it was about belief. We also had the chance to tell everyone what we believe which really helped us to improve our communication skills from our ice values.

    P.S I believe in the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas.

  16. Rachel F. says:

    p4c is a fun way of learning!! 🙂

  17. Rachel F. says:

    P4C is fun! 😉

  18. Alice says:

    P4C has taught the Upper Juniors a lot about Peer Pressure- good and bad. I love learning P4C things that we can apply inside and outside of school. 😀

  19. Rachel F. says:

    I really enjoy p4c it is a easy way to tell every one your ideas and they listen 🙂

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