UJ Gecko Maths Homework Challenge

We all enjoy working as a team to compete during a Gecko Maths Challenge. The Upper Juniors’ homework challenge this week is to write a Gecko Maths problem, which can be used for our next Gecko Maths challenge.

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  1. Alice C says:

    I have a vast cat who eats 300g of cat food everyday. She needs feeding twice a day. For every 100g, it costs me £1.45. How much do I need to spend on cat food for 730 days?

    (I was thinking this a the 10 marker)

  2. Isabelle H says:

    Jade buys 10 packets of Starburstsf for £7.50. Emily asks for 2 packets of those Starburts. How much does she ow Jade.
    Exstenstion: If she has 10.00 pounds how many packets of Starburts can she get.

  3. Jasmine L says:

    Sophie wants to find out the highest remainder and the closest number to 40. Can you help her with this?

    A. 543 divided by 16 = ? ( Answer: 33r15)

    B. 767 divided by 24 = ? ( Answer: 31r23) Highest Remainder = ( Answer: D)

    C. 1009 divided by 27 = ? ( Answer: 37r10) Closest number to 40 = ( Answer: C)

    D. 1568 divided by 54 = ? ( Answer: 28r36)

  4. Aidan H says:

    If a frog travels 12 miles north and 6 miles west per day how many miles would it cover in 30 days?
    What if the frog decides to head 3 miles east after every 3 days, what if he travels for 9 weeks continuing the same pattern?
    If another frog turns up and travels 4 miles south and 7 miles west how many miles would the two frogs cover in 47 days?

  5. Stephanie F says:

    Sarah goes to the shop. Sarah needs 250 sheets of paper. At the shop they sell packes of 125 for £4.32. They also sell packes of 25 for £0.82. Sarah mum gave her £5.00 and she already has £3.50. Which option can she take?

  6. Ellen W says:

    1. If 10 rolls of turf costs £20. how much would 85 rolls cost?

    2.If Tim left his house at hordle at 12 ‘0’ clock and it took him 1 hour and a half to get to the skate park at what time did he get to the skate park

  7. Tarka A says:

    If, to feed 20 kittens, it cost £50 and to feed 50 horses it cost £350 , per day.

    How much would it cost to feed 15 kittens and 20 horses?

  8. Sydney B says:

    Tom has 8 sweets and Sam has 16 sweets, together how many sweets do they have together ?
    If Tom eats 2 sweets and gives 1 to Sam and Sam gives Tom 5 sweets and eats 3 himself. How many sweets do Tom and sam have each?

  9. Abigail R says:

    Amy buys 6 bags of doritos for £1.00. How mang bags for £5.00?

    Claire buys 3 packs of 10 pencils for £2.50. How much change would I get from a £5.00 note?

    A manor house was up for sale at a price of £789,980. A buyer offered a price of £589,000. What is the difference?

  10. Dayna S says:

    1) Ella buys a bag of 10 apples for £2.50, she is making an apple pie and needs 15 apples. How much change can she get from a £5?
    2) But her mum wants 5 apples for school days, can she afford it?

    1) £1.25
    2) Yes

  11. Ben W says:

    Bobby has 4 packs of stickers in each pack of stickers their are 19 stickers. How many stickers does Bobby have in 6 packs?

  12. William S says:

    I’m thinking of a number.
    I times it by 3,
    I divide it by 0.5,
    I add 17 and I take 8.
    The answer is 45.
    What is my number?

  13. Jay D says:

    I think of a number . I divide it by 12 and times it by 24. The answer is 288. What is my number?

  14. Simon C says:

    If a car has square wheels and each side has a length of 27cm,

    how many times would the wheel have to go round for the car to travel 100m,

    if the car only has enough power to turn its wheels 59 times. How far would the car travel using all its power.

  15. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Wow! These questions are great! They’ve definitely got me thinking! Keep up the hard work.
    Miss C

  16. Thomas T says:

    my dog ate 362g and my cat ate 267g how much would that be if you added them toghether and turned it into kg.

  17. Mrs Adams says:

    Wow – your Gecko challenges are fantastic. My head is hurting already.
    Good luck to all you Gecko-Masters working those out!

  18. G Chloe says:

    1) ?+16×6 =396
    3)?x20 +100=200

  19. Jessica B says:

    Alan has a twenty pound note.

    Dog Cat Fish
    £3.97 £2.33 £1.65

    He has five dogs, three cats and seven fish. They all need one packet of food each. How much more money does he need?
    Also, he has to buy two more packets of dog food and one more packet of fish food for his best friend. How much does he have to pay in total?
    How much can’t he actually pay?


  20. Liam M says:

    A dinosaur eats two tons of food a day. 75 percent of the food is vegetables. How many tons of vegetables are digested in a year?

  21. Megan S says:

    My Guinea pigs go outside for 9 hours a day in the summer (from May to September), in the winter (October to April) they only go outside for 2 hours a day. How may hours in whole year do they spend outside?

  22. Kerry O says:

    On Saturday I got £2.00 pocket money. For the next week I bought a sticker each day which cost me 20p each, by the next Saturday how much pocket money do I have left?

  23. Alice M says:

    Hello kitty bag : £1.50
    Super bag:£1.00
    Pink bag: £2.50

    If I bought 1 hello kitty bag and three super bags , how much change would I get from £ 20???

  24. Megan M says:

    Books cost 75p each how many books can i buy with 10 pound?

  25. Maisie W says:

    jade goes to the pet shop she buys 6 monkeys and they feed on 3 packets of food a day,each packet is £5.80
    how much does she have to spend a week?3 days later she buys 3dogs 5 parrots and 9 fish.Dog food = £2.65
    fish food=£4.20 and parrot food=£2.87 they have 3 meals a day how much does she have to spend
    every 2 weeks?

    answer 1 =£100.80
    answer 2 =£1980.30

    not sure about the answer!?

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