Year 5 Australian Animal poetry

This week, the Year 5 pupils have been writing poems about Australian animals using figurative language (eg simile, metaphor, personification). Can you guess what creature they are describing?!

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12 Responses to Year 5 Australian Animal poetry

  1. Ethan.B says:

    Bulging eyes stare into the distance,
    Humungous flaps listening for sounds.
    His charcoal tongue licked his lips,
    Niveous teeth chomp on a leaf.

    Solid legs stomp on the ground,
    Huge feet grip onto trees.
    Strong legs make feet hold onto things,
    Powerful knee caps protect them from danger.

    Massive hands rip off branches,
    Big muscles prove strength.
    Muscles like iron bars,
    His might as strong as Hercules.

    By Ethan.Bennett

  2. Katy W says:

    The Sleeper
    Clawed hands gobble the solid bark, hungrier than ever,
    Sharp knives sink into damp undergrowth,
    Talons wait for danger, eager to come to life.

    Amber jewels skim, avoiding malicious predators,
    Piercing, black gems watch the Sun steadily rise,
    Each drop of rain is stared down by the creature that lurks in trees.

    Soft fur, as smooth as a velvet cushion, encloses the petite body,
    As the creature sleeps in the light of day, he cuddles the blanket which keeps him warm,
    When day becomes night, the creature wakes, his coat protecting him from the eye that stares down from the sky.

  3. Daniel W says:

    Hidden and angry, hunting for food,

    Like a mad man he always watches,

    It’s sneaky like a dog in disguise,

    Hungry for food he bites!

    An endless pain in its claws,

    Its bear sharp needles is huge knives,

    It kills its prey with one hit,

    It’s happy to kill its victim.

    It walks around the haunted jungle,

    Vines tying innocent creatures,

    It stomps its way through,

    It’s made its way to your camp!

  4. James A says:

    A young child staring enviously at his brave father ever-sleeping always watching,
    Velvety as new born baby’s skin, its fur comforts and protects;
    from the enclosing night and plummeting cold air.
    Celebrating its last moments of life, the trees dance in the breeze.
    A soul still lying in the tree. Barely

    As flesh dies away bit by bit bark by bark,he is hungry,
    Seeking aspirations never dieing yet never living.
    Days upon nights inky beads playing conkers of concetration
    Momentarily regretting thoughts, then it comes again.
    They’re alive. Barely

    Determination in the heart, a proud father across the way,
    Lightening will not strike again. He will never be hungry again.
    Hypnotic piercing slits stare upon the starry night reminicing the past.
    No mercy remaining. He is not the young child he was.
    He is a Soldier!

  5. Imogen C says:

    Circular sun smiles cheekily down,
    Observing every creatures’ gradual step,
    Like an arabesque,
    Whilst sailing between the canopy’s depths.

    Lurking in murky depths,
    Preparing to lunge at approaching prey,
    Deathly slits scan the murderous scene,
    Heartlessly digging his poisonous daggers into the crumbly earth.

    His sly cold heart beats swiftly,
    Through his torso, his mind focused on –
    Savage murder,
    Whilst sailing between the canopy’s depths.

    Jagged chain-mail encrusts his rusty body,
    With his sharpened claws
    And poisonous brown fangs,
    Whilst sailing between the canopy’s depths.

  6. abigail.connor says:

    The watcher

    Gloomy trees growing arms
    To protect the innocent animals
    Firm majestic body swings,
    Like a teddy bear, tree to tree

    Black domes, flick frantically
    Reflecting on the twinkling stars
    In the moon light.
    Searching through the towering trees
    Scanning for its prey.

    Bulbous buttons stand proud,
    Calmly sniffing Eucalyptus.
    Like an ebony bead ,
    seeking for its food.

  7. George W says:

    The Predator

    Like boomerangs, the tail’s
    Curved to catch its prey lethally.
    Mighty creature stalks,
    Waits silently before the attack.

    Paper leaves rustle
    Like they’re in cages.
    Waiting for the mystery creature,
    To come back.

    It’s teeth are as sharp as knives,
    To pierce through the toughest of skin.
    The creature is always wet,
    As its home is a swamp.
    By George Warne

  8. Lily R says:

    Small webbed pads stumble across damp sand,
    Beady orbs watch,
    Focused powerfully on transient predators,
    Creature live on.

    An extended flat beak quickly snaps shut,
    Like an olympic athlete ,
    Skims through water,
    Creature lives on.

    Like piercing laser beams,
    Dark eyes glare,
    Its clam-like beak snaps open and closed,
    Creature lives on.

    By Lily Robinson-Green

  9. Rosie C says:


    Horrific monster appearing, from darkened water,
    Mouth dripping with warm, fresh blood,
    Twisting and twirling, slithering to shore,
    Like camouflaged chain mail, scales protect the ruthless beast,

    Razor-sharp knives dig into helpless victims,
    Heartlessly devouring succulent flesh,
    Crimson pupils contemplate remains,
    Hooked talons emerge from feeble animals,

    Deathly slits, scan the murderous quagmire, like muddy binoculars,
    Elegantly, inky water danced around the narky beast,
    The cold and stubborn creature’s heart, froze as he slinks away under murky water

  10. Joseph W says:

    The Hunter

    Piercing charcoal beads dart frantically as movement comes from the path ahead,
    Sneaking slyly upon creature’s prey, something is watching, he is not alone,
    Rustling leaves surrounded the creature’s movement within the murky river,
    Eyes still sharp scanning for pray.Swimming.Swimming.Swimming.

    Razor sharp spears grind ferociously, pieces of flesh are thrown around rapidly,
    Bearing teeth snap shut, frightened fish clear the way for the deadly creature,
    Breathing silently under the sea, creature weaves in and out of the logs,
    Eyes still sharp scanning for prey.Waiting.Waiting.Waiting.

    Stone hard shield protects the deadly creature’s body,
    Evil stones attack its enemy smoothing gore all over the bloody scene,
    Lying beneath rippling water,something lies still,

    By Joseph Wooster

  11. Mason S says:

    King of the dessart

    Bathing sun sembalance horrizon,
    Binoculars scan for prey.
    Radars scan for the slightest sound of a preditor,
    powerful ducatis-alert,ready.

    In a deep pocket,
    New life arrives.
    Mailed and conceled,
    Marsuipial mother qween of the outback.

    Strong beating whip pounds its prey,
    Broom dusting away unwanted dust.
    Rudder stears a yacht,
    Sord ready to stab its prey.

    by Mason

  12. Amelia T says:

    Well done for the fantastic poems, I read them all.

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