Year 5 STEM day at Arnewood School

On Monday 29th June, the Year 5 pupils travelled to Arnewood School for the annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) day.  What activities did they take part in?  What did they learn?  What did they enjoy the most?  How did they feel about the day overall?  Read below to find out all about it.

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26 Responses to Year 5 STEM day at Arnewood School

  1. Violet E. says:

    Yesterday we went to Arnewood school for STEM day. We took part in a series of different subjects such as: Art, Maths, Cooking, technology and Drama. We all had great fun and loved the activities we did .I really want to go again but unfortunately I cant go again as it is for the year 5.I think the year 4 will be excited for their trip to Arnewood school. My favourite task would have to be the technology we dressed a penguin using a software called firework. I wish I was put in the group that did the cooking because I love cooking with my mum at home. I am happy with the activities I did because we would not usually do those activities at school. 🙂

  2. Joshua.B says:

    I really enjoyed going to Arnewood, it was a great experience for all of the year 5s. From drama to technology from maths to computing, Arnewood had many things to offer and many of us agreed that it was a great school. Learning about the dynamics of a pendulum and about the Athens to be fed to the Minotaur really hooked us in. There were giggles galore in drama from Katelyn and lots of concentration and resilience in the computing where we had to dress up a penguin with 3 different items using firework 8: A cap, a gold necklace and an iPhone to hold in his hand. We then had to use layers so the penguin had the iPhone in front of its hand but behind his head. Arnewood put us to the test with their lessons and i sure all of Team Wilverley and the rest of the year 5s were thrilled to be there.

    Josh (:

  3. Cameron.P says:

    The lessons were awesome!!! My most favorite lesson at Arnewood school was food Technology which we learned how to make pizzas by making our own!!! I was thoughtful enough to share my pizza between me and my mum for dinner.

  4. Oliver.R says:

    On Monday 29th June, me and the other year fives went to Arnewood and learnt about many different subjects, but my favorite one was food tech where we made pizzas, Mr freeman asked me loads of questions. we learnt how to knead dough and how to shape it as well. After we had finished we weren’t allowed to eat them until we arrived at home. The Arnewood stem day was amazing and I wish I could do it again.

  5. Sophie.Galton says:

    We had loads of fun I was in team 11 with a few of my friends and we did: computing fireworks,maths and some drama. The drama was about theasus and the Minotaur it was really fun to act it all out. The maths was something called pendulum maths. Firstly we had to explain what we thought a pendulum was and then the man who was teaching us (I can’t remember his name)! Told us what we had to do. Which was find out the time it took for the pendulum to swing when it was small,medium and big then we divided it by 10 and it gave us the score. We also had computing and it was using the fireworks. We were using fireworks 8 ,an animation, were we could animate a penguin and got set things to put on it:gold chain,hat and a phone. I had a really fun day!

  6. Bethany H. says:

    On Monday the 29th June year 5 went to Arnewood and we got put into teams (11,12,13) I was put into group 12 and I took part in first period science. In science, we made wind buggies which is when we paired up into and got given a piece of wood and it had some wheels on it and a pencil in a hole. We had to design a sail to make the wind buggy move then we had loads of meter sticks to see whose went the furthest. After break we did humanities and if you are wandering what humanities is well it is geography and we did volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquake. We made a model of the volcanoes and we had to label things on the volcano. With the hurricane we played hurricane top trumps and all the hurricanes had names like bob, aisle and jone. After that we did earthquakes and we had a safety bin with all the safety equipment that you would need if a earthquake happened and we were allowed to do illustrations with our words. Last but not least we did food technology where we did cooking and we made a pizza and we were allowed to take them home.

  7. Jessica B says:

    Group 11’s activities were, in the morning, computing. It was sooo cool. You had an image of a penguin and then we had to make it look a bit like a rock penguin. We gave it a cap, a chain necklace, an I phone and two heads!!!Then group 11 had Maths, it was really fun. We did pendulum maths,we had a Bob, 1.2 m long piece of string and a stand. We had to see the difference between the swings.In the afternoon we did acting out.We acted out Theseus and the Minotaur a sad story to act out but it was fun!!

  8. Lauren H. says:

    My experience of the Arnewood Stem day was fun. My favourite activity of the day was food technology as we were able to make pizzas. The other activities I was able to take part in were Geography and wind buggies. In Geography I made a volcano which we made out of paper and tissue paper, also a survival kit which we drew for the essential equipment needed in an earthquake.

    We made wind buggies in science. We had to make the sail out of cardboard or bin bags with a wooden stick for the mast, we took our buggies over to the testing table where a fan was set up to see if they worked. Mine went 1metre 40cm.

    Our final activity was food technology pizza making, on my pizza I had ham, pepperoni and sweet corn. First I had to shape the dough into a circle, then we put it onto a tray and took it to the teacher she put tomato sauce on top of the dough and sprinkled cheese on top. We were then allowed to pick three toppings which I did and placed them on top of the pizza. They then went into the oven for 15-20 minutes, we were allowed to then take them home to eat.

    Lauren Hannaford. Wilverley

  9. amelia.m says:

    When we went to Arnewood I was in group 12. Group 12 did science first and we made wind buggies. First we made one and then we tested them my team came third. Then we went to do Humanities. We learnt about volcanoes, tornadoes and hurricanes. We made a Mini volcano and we played tornado top trumps then finally we made a survival kit if we were in a hurricane. After that we went to do technology (food technology) we made our own pizzas with our own toppings. I made a stuffed crust and my toppings were ham and sweet corn. Then sadly it was time to leave the good thing was we got to eat our pizza.

  10. Ben.F says:

    On Monday the 29th we went on a STEM day, I was in group 12. I thought that the best lesson was science because we made wind buggies. Gary and I teamed up to make TEAM GB!! We won it by 2m. Then we moved on to humanities where we learnt all about tornadoes,volcanoes and hurricanes. Playing tornadoes trumps and making a survival kit. The last activity was cooking. We made pizza. They were really nice, unfortunately we had to leave. All the children had a fun day and it gave us all an experience as to what it would be like at secondary school!

  11. Sulis.H says:

    It was great fun going to Arnewood for a day. I learnt a lot from the experience. In geography we learnt about volcanoes and other disasters such as:earthquakes and tsunamis. I had such an amazing trip.

  12. Jessie J says:

    We had an amazing time at Arnewood school and we learnt about fascinating things all while doing something fun. When the year 5s arrived , we were split into groups ( I was in group 11) and each did different activities. My group did : science which was making wind buggies , humanity which was natural disasters and then food technology . When we went home we told our parents all we had learnt and some of us were surprised at what we had learnt and over all we really enjoyed our day .

    # 🙂

  13. Edward.W says:

    I really enjoyed the whole day and everything was really fun. Firstly, group thirteen did P.E.. During the activity, we did quick cricket for a warm up and then we did rounders. Secondly,we did science and learned about ESSO oil refinery. Next, we learnt how they would have done surgery in the Tudor times. After lunch, we learnt how to make a shake-o-gen(something that you shake to make light). Overall, I loved my day at Arnewood as it was so exciting.

  14. Rebecca.P says:

    I loved the trip to Arnewood I learnt so much! I made a wind buggie that goes really fast, geology and making pizzas! For the geology I learnt what to have in your survival kit ,different types of tornadoes and there can be steep and smooth volcanoes. Did you know Magma and Lava are the same things, magma is inside a volcano and lave is outside a volcano ? For the wind buggie I learnt that if you made it really heavy it wouldn’t go far or it won’t move at all. Geology was my favorite because I learnt the most.

  15. Claudia H. says:

    After getting off the coach, we first divided into our groups and were led to our 1st lesson ( by the prefects ) which in my case was wind buggies. Our challenge was to create from a normal, wooden, toy car ,attached to a pencil, a sail which would ( hopefully) make the car move by wind power, in this case a fan. Me and my partner struggled to get it moving. We tested it about 5 times and it still didn’t work. Then just as people were lining their cars up we stuck about a metre of bin liner, along with some card , on. And to our supprise, it worked and travelled 1 metre 20 but it didn’t win. Throughout that lesson we used resilience. This was just one of 3 exciting lessons we had on STEM day. (Including other groups) others were: pizza making, geography, maths, performing arts, PE and a few others.

  16. Jasmine B says:

    I really enjoyed ICT because we had to style a penguin and it was really hard because we had to rotate his hat remove the white square around the accessory and the trickiest part was making another penguin head. IT WAS REALLY FUN!!! My favourite part of the lesson was that after the lesson you were allowed to make up your own animal I went for an panda and you get to put whatever accessories you want I put an handbag an blanket and a phone it was really cool I cant wait to go there when im in secondary school!

  17. Maddie.B says:

    Stem day was a lot of fun. I enjoyed my day at Arnewood school. All of the activities were enjoyable but my favourite activity was performing arts. The teacher was so inspiring. When we walked into the room he was so expressive in his words and actions I could see he was a really good teacher and he loved teaching children. I was nervous at the beginning of the day but the whole day was a great experience.

  18. Thomas C. says:


  19. Elissa F says:

    The STEM day at Arnewood was amazing. My group (group 11)enjoyed a variety of different lessons which were Technology , Maths and Martial Arts. My favourite out of the three was the Technology because we all managed to bling up an animal (firstly a penguin ) with different accessories which included hats , chains and even iPhone !
    I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did !

  20. Emily B says:

    My visit to Arnewood school was brilliant. We made a penguin using accessories on the computer and in Maths we created a poster which was fun. My favourite part of the day was performing arts, as the teacher was a really good actor and was very funny. The whole day was fantastic.

  21. Samuel.C says:

    I really enjoyed computing because I love playing and learning on computers and afterwards we got to eat delicious chocolate bars! I also enjoyed maths because the theory was really testing my knowledge at seeing if the pendulum decreased or increased by decimal number. I felt very eager to learn loads more and hoped that every one enjoyed it to!!!!

  22. Oliver.P says:

    I REALLY enjoyed my day at Arnewood school, the year 5s had a cool option of awesome activities, including cooking, maths, humanity( R.E., geography and history in case you don’t know) and science, all in 1 day at STEM(science, technology, engineering and mathematics)!! I really hope the next group of yr5s can enjoy this experience next year!!

  23. Amelie says:

    On Monday, the Year 5s set off to Arnewood School to take part in a Yr.5 STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering and Maths) day! Some of our lessons included:
    -Food Technology
    -Performing Arts
    much more! 🙂

    All through the day, some Yr.10 and 11 pupils showed us around, and kindly helped us when we were stuck! The teachers were very encouraging,

  24. Naledi.J says:

    I enjoyed our trip to Arnewood School the other day . It was a great day filled with fun and lots of different activities , for example : Humanities , technology , science , performing arts and much , much more .

  25. Amelie says:

    The teachers helped us also. 🙂 Overall, the day was amazing, and one to remember. Future year 5s will love it!! 🙂

  26. Alice says:

    It’s been a year but I can still remember it. Even though it was a while ago, and I am going to Highcliffe, I can still remember it as a great experience. Hope next years’ year 5’s enjoy it just as much!:D

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