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Before I started writing this I had to think hard on what to do. If you don’t know me you don’t know that I adore horse’s. One of the images here is Shannon who I am lucky enough to train. Shannon – ย well she is like heaven on earth a real sweetheart! I remember falling of her, she was so sorry. Unfortunately for safety reasons Laddie and Hawk aren’t allowed to be shown but are also two horses who I train. Shannon is a dark dun (basically dark brown), Laddie is palomino (very very light yellow) and Hawk is skewbald (brown and white). For a show I rode Hawk he was lovely and gentle but he was also very nervous. I also own Two fish one named Tango and the other named Pearl. Tango is orange and pearl is white.

I bought my fish in the fish shop in Christchurch. I was with Jade (Deerleap class – ย my cousin) and I really wanted fish, I was rather naughty because my mom said not to get fish! And anyway I was thinking hard but in the end I bought Tango. After a day I realized Tango was getting rather lonely. So I went back to Christchurch and bought him a friend (Pearl). I also own two cats Ziggy and Liquorice. Ziggy is an unusual colour as you can see he is like a brown mixed with some other colours and Liquorice is black and is my lucky cat. For my birthday my mum and dad wanted to buy me cats and when they went into see them their tails where entwined so there was nothing they could do but buy them! Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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  1. Charles P says:

    Wow, Enya I like your pets, especially Shannon! We are renting a horse named Wiz, he is really sweat and gentle, my sister rides him but I only rode him once.

  2. Emma R says:

    Your horses you train look and sound so adorable!!!!! How many times do you ride Shannon??

  3. Katy M says:

    I love them! How old are your cats and what do they like to eat??

  4. Elise M says:

    What breed of horse is she?

  5. Annabelle W says:

    I love your horse Shannon. She is so cute!

  6. Enya-Rose T says:

    I did have a picture of my cats but unfortunately it didn’t go through ๐Ÿ™ I am sure some of you have seen them!

  7. Enya-Rose T says:

    Thank you Charles and everyone where do you keep wiz ? Its just a horse rode at my stables is that and is old and gentle. Emma I go down on Saturdays and Sundays i try to go down sometimes after school but it can get a bit to late. Elise that’s a good question i shall find out. My cats eat 1 meat packet between them and a few hand fulls of biscuits. Thank you for being so interested its been great trying to answer some of your questions you can keep asking. Elise I will get the answer to your question i am sure if I use some superheros i can find out.

  8. Alice M says:

    Hi Enya,

    How old are your adorable pets?

  9. Miss Trim says:

    Enya, I love the fact that Ziggy and Liquorice had their tails entwined! They were obviously destined to stay together. What do you get to do at the stables? Do you have to do jobs? What do you enjoy most about being around Shannon?

  10. Enya-Rose T says:

    I love being on the floor with her…. i know every one loves to ride but i love the physical stuff : like mucking out and i adore feeding her by hand. Yes i have jobs I muck out every 2 hours water every half hour we are constantly filling hay nets and we also have to help Tammy she owns 7 western horses. I love grooming Shannon so she is beautiful. Alice i dont know i think ziggy and liquorice are 1 and a half my fish i dont have a clue and shannon is 13.

  11. Enya-Rose T says:

    Thank you Annabell so are yours !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Isabelle H says:

    Your horse is awesome, is it your own horse?

  13. Enya-Rose T says:

    Any one else got some questions ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Elizabeth G says:

    Your horse is so cute. How many horses do you have?

  15. Enya-Rose T says:

    Isabelle no she is not I train her ๐Ÿ™‚ she is such a lovely horse i am hopping to loan her next year. But I really want to buy her. Elizabeth I train Hawk and Laddie who are lovely and Tammy wants me to start western (i am not to confident.)!!! Any other questions ???? xx

  16. Alice M says:

    It is so great that we live in the New Forest and it is such a lovely place to go riding and walking we are all so lucky!!

  17. Enya-Rose T says:

    I agree Alice. One of my friends from ridding comes down every Friday night and goes home every Sunday evening just to see her horse. She lives in London and says she is glad that her mom and dad would do such a thing for her. Unfortunately she moved stables so I don’t see her much any more.

  18. Libby J says:

    Your horse, Shannon, is soo cute and beautiful! How much time do you spend training her?

  19. Enya-Rose T says:

    Thank you Libby. Well I work from 9 till half five at the stables every Saturday and Sunday. And when every we are off Tammy (daughter of the owner) calls me to tell me to come and help. So when ever I can really.

  20. Tarka A says:

    Cool horses, i like the name I`v got nine horses!!!
    I wonder if Hawk, Shannon and Laddie would like them!
    They could be pony frends!

  21. Enya-Rose T says:

    It has come to my attention that some of you are saying Shannon is my horse. Well she isn’t as i said i train her. On the other hand i would absolutely love to own Shannon.

  22. Emily A says:

    You must love her then !!!!!!
    Do you have any other pets or not????????????

  23. Olivia A says:

    As I also go riding on my horse named Blondie I hopefully am getting two more this year and am going to break them in.Also I love mucking out but unlike you I prefer the riding I would put the pictures on but my camera has died and some of my animals are round my dads hopefully I will get them on there soon.Also are you going to enter any competitons?Because I want to be an olympic equstrianist I am going to enter some horse jumping competitions this year.So I hopefully (if you do jumping) will not be against you

  24. Megan S says:

    I have two ponies Pirate & Amber . Amber is a 13.3h Dark Dun New Forest Mare & I loan an 11.2 Welsh mountain pony called Pirate , Pirate was rounded up from the mountains when he was a foal.

  25. Enya-Rose T says:

    That is great Megan you must love them dearly. Emily i do i have two cats. Thats great Olivia i jump but no often im more Western. Wow Tarka. I know how much you love horses. Kepp comenting guys !!

  26. Daisy says:

    I love animals I am made about animals.

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