What is your favourite food?

Imagine that you have a choice of all the greatest food in the World! What would you choose to have and why would you have it?

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16 Responses to What is your favourite food?

  1. Enya-Rose T says:

    My favourite food must me hmmm….
    Well i quite like a toasty Indian or Chinese. Especially on a cold night. In additions I enjoy BBQ’S on the beach in the summer (as long as there is no sand in my food)! heh x

  2. Jasmine L says:

    My favourate food is probaly Chinese Takeaway as I love: duck fried pancakes, egg fried rice, prawn toast and sartay chicken. Mmmm! 😀

  3. Chloe S says:

    Without a shadow of doubt, Indian food is my faviourate type of meal:I am a gigantic fan of spicyness and love Mondays as my family relate this to curry night! Moreover,I enjoy eating Indian as there is a wide range of delectable currys,and as a result,I never get bored!

  4. Maisie W says:

    WOW! What a challenging question well hhmmmm..mine would have to be ……MARSHMALLOWS!tip when i’m around with a bag of marshmallows keep me away i’m addicted!

  5. Elise M says:

    Mine would have to be a curry or piella or nasygourange.

  6. Jodie M says:

    Mine has to be cheese and something containing sugar ( not mixed ) because it is nice.

  7. Olivia G says:

    I love cheesey macaroney and cheese colyflour .

  8. Patchouli P says:

    Mine would definately be for starters tomato soup and for main course I would have roast beef with roast potatoes,gravy,carrots and mini sausages wrapped in bacon and finally for desert a chocolate fondue with chocoate ice cream!!!

  9. Oliver S says:

    I would say for a starter, tomato soup with cheese on the top, my main course would be a Indian with garlic narn bread and a popadom. Finally, my dessert would be chocolate fudge cake with ice cream, or piffita roll tower! MMMMMM

  10. Katy M says:

    My favourite is a curry which came from Little Canada mmmmmmmm!

  11. Olivia A says:

    I absoulately love chicken korma from the Jarna in new milton. I also love roast beef!!!

  12. Philippa H says:

    My favourite food is spaghetti bolognaise with cheese on top because it’s delicious!

  13. Sebastian.Berthiaume says:

    My favorite food has to be eather fish and chips or chicken madraz(a very spicy curry).

  14. Gabriela R says:

    I love roast dinner!

  15. Alice C says:

    Roast beef all the way!!! Actually, any type of beef, overall beef is beef!!!

  16. Lewis T says:

    I like fudge! also I like bacon remember bacon lovers everything is better with bacon.

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