BBC Radio Solent’s Cool School

Earlier today, Hordle featured on the radio! As part of the Julian Clegg breakfast show, Dayna and Simon (in year six) broadcasted the local weather live. The temperature, at 8.30am this morning, was 11°C and 52°F and Dayna and Simon described the weather as “dull and dreary!” Interestingly, the radio show presenter, Julian Clegg, visited our school last year to open our plastic bottle greenhouse: he was excited to hear how our Eco projects were going.

If you are interested in hearing the show, it is available via the BBC iPlayer:    (2:06:00)

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15 Responses to BBC Radio Solent’s Cool School

  1. Paige S says:

    That’s so cool that our school has been announced live on the radio!I remember saying the whether too , it was great fun!

  2. Lexie N says:

    Well done to Miss Cazneaux , Dayna and Simon. That’s so amazing that our school has been announced on the radio.Looking forward to see who will be next on the radio.

  3. Abigail R says:

    Well done. You were so brave to do that and it was great to hear some of our team mates doing something so cool! It is amazing to have been given the opportunity to read the weather on a famous radio station.

  4. Alice C says:

    Well done Dayna and Simon! You read the essential weather report brilliantly.
    Simon, I love the fact you described the weather as ‘dull and dreary’ whilst Dayna stated it was 11 degrees celsius.
    Once again, well done and I hope you really enjoyed yourselves!

  5. Katie W says:

    Wow! That’s so cool, I can’t believe that Team Hordle were on the radio! Well done for being so brave because I wouldn’t have the nerves to do it. Well done to all that had the braveness to experience the event 🙂

  6. Emily H says:

    WOW! That is so cool that Team Hordle have been on the radio. Well done for being so brave because i wouldent have the nurves to go on the radio!!!

  7. Isabelle H says:

    Well done Dayna and Simon for going on the BBC radio solent. Whilst I was listening to you i noticed your voice and heard you say the weather/ Well done for partsitipating and you represented are fantastic school to the country. Hordle will strive to be the best school here in Hampshire.

  8. Maisie W says:

    WELL DONE DAYNA! That was really brave I think you’ll be a great radio presenter! Do you want to do the news and weather or just present the radio!?

  9. Erin G says:

    Wow I am so proud that our school was on the radio.Well done Id never try going on the radio not even for a £1,000,000!!! ………well maybe!

  10. Maisie W says:

    That was really brave well done Simon!

  11. Haydon W says:

    Wow! That must have taken a lot of nerve to announce the weather on such a big show like BBC Radio Solent!

  12. Luke G says:

    That is so cool that we were on the radio thanks you two (Simon and dayna).

  13. Emily N says:

    It was such an amazing chance for the school! Congratulations, Dayna, Simon; you must have been very brave to give that interview (I could have never done it myself. Would have only been able to stutter a few words). 🙂

  14. Dayna S says:

    I loved the radio, it was so epic!

  15. Ellen W says:

    Wow our school is defanatly a cool school with all our technolagy and all our eco equiptment also well done Simon and Dayna for being on the radio and presenting the weather you definatly represent our school.

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