KS1 Health Week

What a Health Week we had!  We learnt a lot about healthy food and how to make sure that we all have balanced diets.  We made pizzas, created plates that had food from all five of the different food groups on and even made our own food superheroes!

We were also lucky enough to have a number of visitors come in to talk to us about various different aspects of keeping healthy.  We learnt abou what happens to a diabetic’s bloods system, how to look after our teeth, we looked inside an ambulance and were told how our bodies work.  Some us were lucky enough to be able to express opinions about Lymington hospital to a special visitor who had come in from there.

Overall the week was a great success and everybody learnt a lot about the importance healthy living.  What do you like to do to keep fit?  Is there anything related to what we learnt in KS1 that you learnt in your health week?

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  1. supervisor.croutear says:

    Fantastic KS1! It looks like you had a great Health Week with lots of important learning. Do have a look at the Upper Juniors’ comments about our Health Week so you can see what we did!

    The healthy pizza looks delicious! Where was my slice?!

  2. Daisy.W says:

    yum!yum!yum! I see you have not been just learning about health and how you should keep healthy I see you have been making healthy food and it looks yum yum yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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