Netball reveiw of the year!

Team Hordle’s netball teams have had a fantastic year of playing! Coach Brown and Coach Phillips have been amazing mentors throughout the year! We have been in the paper many times and have entered lots of competitions including: Arnewood tornement, Prieslands tornement and many more! We had to push our superhero skills to the maximum at some nail-biting matches! We have entered upto four teams at once and created team Delta later on in the year which played amazingly well! Along with Gamma, Beta and Alpha who manged to all make it through to the high 5 tornement in Southampton! They had some tense games to play and we managed to walk away with bronze and silver! With still many more matches to go , i wil lupdate you on more soon!

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  1. Georgina C says:

    As netballers we had played lots of matches, this year and last year. Some had been tough and easy but we have never given up. Every Wednesday we go to netball practise and split into are netball team: Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Delta and do mini matches against each other. We are really amazing at netball but we couldn’t of done it with Coach Phillips and Coach Brown. Thank you for everything you have taught over the past years.
    Chloe Q & Georgina C

  2. Ella D says:

    I cant thank Mrs Phillips and Mrs Brown for teaching me netball throughout my time at Hordle . my most exciting tournament must of been the Hampshire county games ‘of course we won’. I am going to miss everyone at netball but I hope all the netballers next year enter as many competitions as we have. Mrs Phillips ad Mrs Brown will be very missed.

  3. Amelia T says:

    Well done netballers we have done amazing this year! Well done Ruby you have played fantastic this year you always push yourself to achieve higher!

  4. Katie W says:

    I LOVE NETBALL!!! I loved playing in some of the netball tornements and I cannot wait to do netball club next year!! 🙂 well done to all players who participated!!

  5. abigail.connor says:

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun in netball I can’t wait to hopefully join ( fingers crossed )

  6. Emily H says:

    Well Done to Hordle who have won nearly all the tournaments they entered! And not forgetting the amazing team Beta, Gamma and Delta who made a team very quickly for the prieslands Tournament and had hardly any practice at all!

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