Hordle Hub Survey


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  1. Violet E. says:

    I love sports it keeps you fit and healthy.But I think more children should take part in sports. Come on have a go!

  2. amelia.m says:

    I think the sports in this school is amazing because it is entertaining plus we get to do different thing each week.
    I especially think we should do street dancing.
    What new thing do you want to do at school?

  3. Thomas P says:

    I love all of the activities in the hordle hud I do lots of the clubs I do gymnastics which is amazing I can do a front flip and I could not do it if i did not go to the club.

  4. abigail.connor says:

    WOW what amazing clubs we have in our Hordle hub this year I am in the netball club which is so fun and a great way to get fit!!!.

  5. Alice says:

    I have literally just done one for fun! I absoloutely LOVE my chess club, and even though I’m the only girl, I enjoy learning it. One day, I’ll beat my Grandad (who is amazing!) I hope there is a chess club at Highcliffe… if there’s not, I’ll start one! I also do netball, and I am proud to be part of the Hampshire County Finalist Silver Medalists. I might continue netball when I transfer!

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