Football A team Vs Lymington Junior school

On Thursday 29th January, the football A team faced Lymington school in tough football match. Although we lost 4-2, our heads we’re never dropped because of our great team-ship and supporting each other. Unfortunately  as soon as the whistle was blown the ball some how  reached the back of our goal but our heads stayed high, but yet again we conceded another goal. After many more tackles and throwing’s, the Half-time whistle was blown.

After a tactical team talk, we raced back onto the pitch with our spirits high once again determined to succeed.  Two early goals bought it back to 2-2, but unfortunately we conceded two goals late on to lose 4-2.  However it was a great experience and we can’t wait to play our next game.

Thank you again for all the parents who came to support us!

Joseph W

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8 Responses to Football A team Vs Lymington Junior school

  1. Gary P says:

    Wow what a game!Great try year sixes hopefully you’ll get a win next time.well done on your great teamship and how you kept plodding on.Congratulations.

  2. Rachel F. says:

    Well Done! you made Hordle proud! 😉

  3. Tavi H says:

    That game was very challenging as Lymington are a very good team and they were just a bit more stronger than us! It was a really good game and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you Mr slattery and Mrs way.

  4. Evie G. says:

    Well done!Can you teach me more football? The Football team you have been very good by making Hordle very very proud.

  5. Jessie J says:

    well done we are really proud

  6. Gary P says:

    Well done, I am definitely 100% sure that you made all of hordle proud.

  7. Rachel F. says:

    Well Done! everyone who was watching must have had there socks blown off!!! 😉

  8. Alice says:

    The thing is, someday Hordle will have another match against Lymington, and although we lost this one, next time we will be so prepared we will win by a landslide! 😀
    Nobody can ask for more than your best. Plus, everyone has an off day, don’t they? Where you don’t play as well as you normally do. So, look forward to the next match! 🙂

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