Eddie and Katelyn’s Podcast

eddie and katelyns podcast 2

We hope you enjoy listening to our Podcast!

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8 Responses to Eddie and Katelyn’s Podcast

  1. Katelyn.L says:

    This is about two people advertising an advert for mow people to stay. It took me and Eddie along long time to gather up soooooo much information all about the history of Athens ( a city state which is still in modern day Greece ). Did you know that boys had to be at least 20 to graduate? Also men voted for their own ruler ( I don’t think they’re is much of that in modern day). Hope you enjoy the clip and learn fascinating fact about the history of Athens. The website I said in the video I don’t think is real.

  2. Evie G. says:

    Very nice Eddie and Katelyn for a tip pause the music and change the music but still i really like the podcast

  3. Paige H says:

    Great pod cast girls !!!

  4. Evie G. says:

    Well done very good and I can see that you two have been practising.

  5. Julia P says:

    Good work Eddie and Katelyn! You must have worked hard to do this!

  6. Joshua.B says:

    Well Done guys you did really well syncing the podcast with the music that you chose. I really enjoyed listening to this, I wish I my podcast could’ve been as good as yours!

    Josh 🙂

  7. Edward.W says:

    Thank you for putting our podcast on the blog Miss Scott, I really enjoy listening to it!

  8. Jasmine B says:

    That’s FAB ! I have heard that in my classroom. I really enjoyed podcasting with my team mates hopefully we would be able to do it again soon.

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