Lucy’s Pets!

Hi Everyone
These are my pets. My dog is called Dax, my cat is called Jasper and my tortoise is  called Henry. Dax is an ex-police dog. However, he was kicked out due to the fact he was not scary enough for the  Police so we ended up with him! Luckily, when my family and I go out for a dog walk he always trys to protect us. Jasper is just so funny and so is Henry .
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19 Responses to Lucy’s Pets!

  1. Mr Croutear says:

    Lovely pets Lucy! I am particularly interested in your tortoise. Is he difficult to look after? What kind of diet does he have?

  2. Paige S says:

    Your pet are so cute, how old are they?

  3. Alexandra S says:

    I love Henry and Jasper but Dax scares me last time I came round yours he nearly jumped on me!

  4. Alice C says:

    I adore Henry the tortoise! I don’t see why Dax was kicked out of the police force because he looks absolutely terrifying! I have two questions about your tortoise: 1.How old is he? and 2. Like Mr.Croutear said, what is his diet like? Jasper is adorable however, in the picture you have showed us, it looks like he is trying to attack a hand!

  5. Libby J says:

    Wow ! I adore your tortoise he is just breathtaking! I wish I had such unique pets as you! How often do you have to do a massive search because Henry had hidden somewhere? Do you think you might buy some more interesting pets?

  6. Annabelle W says:

    I love your pet tortoise Henry and your cat Jasper, and (not forgetting of course)
    Dax! I have met them all before and they’re all absolutly cute! However, Henrys claws
    are really sharp when I held him and Jasper relaxed as it was like a holiday in a luxury hotel! 🙂

  7. Emma R says:

    Wow you have so many intreaging pets! What breed is your dog? Was your cat rescued? Did you buy your Tortoise or did you get him from a rescue centre?

  8. Lucy C says:

    Well my mum makes sure Henry eats things like : cucumber, salad and grapes. He also has these pips but my mum,sister and I have to sock it in water and then give it to him.So that is his diet. Dax was kicked out of the police due to the fact he was always sobbing. Did you know when the police took police dogs to a match trained the dogs to hate each other so no one would get up to mischief.Jasper always kays on his back and looks like he is attacking someone’s hand.

  9. Chloe Q says:

    I am amazed about that you have three pets. I did have some fish but now we live in a flat. So now my nan has them because we want to keep them for when we move into a house. My nan loves the fish and that is good that someone is looking after them nicely for us then so one being not nice to the fish. Also they love it where they live now.

    By Chloe Q

  10. Elise M says:

    I remember when I came round your house and Henry pood on my new jumper!

  11. Isabelle H says:

    They are soooooo cute! I would love to have a ex police dog. How old are they and are any of them a rescue dog and also do you have any other pets? How long was your cute dog a police dog?

  12. Maisie W says:

    Your animals are adorable i wish i could have a totoise to i love dogs and tortoises!

  13. G Chloe says:

    Wow they look beautiful, i love the cat!

  14. Alice C says:

    another question: How long approximately does Henry the tortoise hibernate for? I have a feeling it’s for the Winter, but I want to be certain on a tortoise expert!

  15. Maisie W says:

    WOW! i cant belive dax was in the police force and why was he kicked out he looks pretty strong but very cute to me!!!

  16. Samuel W says:

    Hi lucy your pets are so cute !!!

  17. Elise M says:

    Which of your pets is the most lazy?

  18. Lucy C says:

    Henry is the most laziest because he just sleeps throughout the day all the time.He also hibernates over the winter however he is to young to hibernate at the moment due to the fact he is only 2 years old and they are not allowed to hibernate in till they are 7 years old. Dax was kicked out of the police cause he didn’t do his job properly and no one was scared of him. Did you know police dogs are trained to hate each other so when they were at a match no one would do anything so naughty. Jasper always comes and cuddles up with be in bed but that is not when he is not out side with all the other cats. Unfortunately,Dax doesn’t like the cat that much and is always growling at Jasper. Henry is always trying to fall asleep under the sofa and get under things which are to small a gap for him. Did you know tortoises can live up to 100 years old and they can just get past down the family in till they die. I always get worried about Jasper when he goes out because it is always in the night and I don’t want him to get hurt by a car or something. In addison to that I have some fish but my sister Charlotte doesn’t have any
    pictures of them on her computer so I couldn’t show you them. My Mum always gets me and Charlotte to get the died ones out of the fish tank. My dad on the other hand can’t deal with anything like: dead mice,rabbits,fish or anything my cat can get to which is quite a lot of things. Dax is 5 years old ,born in the 1st of November, Jasper is 10 years old ,born in June or July, Henry is 2 years , born on Christmas Eve the day before my sister. My dog is can be very funny he has know got used to living in a house and not a kennel in less we go on holiday or my dad brings him along so he doesn’t go into a kennel.

  19. Lucy C says:

    I do have a old dog called Tei but unfortunately we had to have to have her put down due to the fact she wasn’t eating and she got really ill. It did take a long time to get over it because she was the best dog my family and I could ever have. Luckily, she wasn’t bothered by the cat which meant Jasper could come down stairs when ever he liked but know he can’t cause of Dax.

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