Strange things are happening…

Has anyone else noticed scraps of paper appearing on their floor? In particular, I keep finding a trail of paper in the morning before school opens. It seems to go from my bin, down the corridor and into the hall. I have been showing lots of resilience and picking it up each morning but this morning I found it on the playground, too. Has anyone else noticed anything unusual? I can’t help but wonder if it’s got something to do with our dragon? Hmmm….

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  1. Alexandra S says:

    Well, poor Wordsworth may be feeling abandoned because he watches us having so much fun learning that mabye he feels he wants to get involved too. I think this is just his way of getting attention, maybe the whole school should have a massive writing party!

  2. Mr Croutear says:

    This is very odd Miss Trim, and now you come to mention it, I too have been finding paper scraps when arriving in the morning. Until now, I have thought nothing of it and simply placed them into the (recycling) bin, but after seeing your blog post I am very intrigued!

  3. Elise M says:

    I had also noticed the long paper trail in my class room this morning! I think that it may be our dragon egg that may have eaten our scrap paper. 🙂

  4. Jake W says:

    I was shocked when I came into my classroom this morning as paper was scatterd across the classroom.
    What could it be?

  5. Emily A says:

    I agree with Alexandra because he is not getting involved in anything so
    i think that yes we should have a writing party aswell.
    Good thinking Alexandra!!!

  6. Libby J says:

    Yesterday we had mystery glitter and paper scattered all over the carpet, and today I came to school to discover that we had a new arrival in Hawkhill…… A baby DRAGON! In addition, on numerous occasions we had visitors from all over the school up dating us with interesting news about what surprising things were happening in their teams!

  7. Annabelle W says:

    Me too! I also agree with Alexandra that he may think he is not included in any
    fun activites or exit points we do!
    Maybe we should do some dragon games with him like he did when he celebrated
    Chinese New Year with all the other dragons!
    However, he may be feeling lonely and upset due to him not being with the baby
    dragons which have just hatched! We could find all the dragons we can and bring them all
    to Wordsworth for about a week so he could get to know them a bit more than he used to!

  8. Harry B says:

    The dragon might have done it?

  9. Ella D says:

    Well the year 3 and year 4 had a writing party because we did so well with our story.
    Well oak class had bits of paper in their class and it was coming out of Erin’s tray.
    Every one will have to be on the look out when we go back to school after Easter.When i came in the other morning we had a baby dragon
    and oak class called it Fang.

  10. Miss Trim says:

    What fantastic ideas, everyone. I really like all your super ideas about how we can ensure Wordsworth feels like part of the team! I really like the idea of involving him in the exit points and finding ways to help him get to know all of his new additions after Easter. There seem to be quite a few dragon babies so it looks like we’ll need to come up with ways of helping Wordsworth to look after them all. It will take quite a lot of writing to keep 10 baby dragons happy! Phew!

    I wonder if anyone has any other ideas on how we can help the new arrivals to settle in?

  11. Olivia A says:

    To help them settle in I think we should have a Wordsworths Baby assembly so that we ( Hordle School ) can greet them and name them, this could help them feel homely. Aswell as this for a couple of days we should place all the babys together and let them get to know eachother so this could call for a collossal eco-freindly nest !

  12. Chloe Q says:

    Two things I have noticed is we are growing a vegetable patch and we are makeing a greenhouse out of wood and botles. Also we have got soler panels on sun and moon’s roof.

    By Chloe Q

  13. Maisie W says:

    Maybe wordsworth is feeling forgotten and has seen in our big write folders and is begining to feel hungry


  14. Alice C says:

    The scraps of paper and glitter was Wordsworth’s children! You would be glad to know, the baby in Wilverley team has made a grand castle for it with: a balcony, cosy fireplace, bookshelf complete with all the classics to name a few! I hope everyone else’s baby is OK!

  15. Jasmine P says:

    Recently in Team Ash we have had another dragon.Our first guest was a emerald and ruby dragon and our second guest was a crimson one with lime stripes.Maybe Wordsworth was hungry over the long Easter holidays and so for attention he made a mess.To stop this problem increasing Team Hordle need to keep up the exellent writing.

  16. Elise M says:

    We have placed our baby dragon on a mountain of other ‘baby dragons’!

  17. Kerry O says:

    The dragon might of done it?

  18. Abigail R says:

    Maybe you are right but we will know only if we keep guessing!!!!We will find out some day!!

  19. Elise M says:

    I don’t think we have named it yet but I think we should call it Draco.

  20. Alice N says:

    Guess what?
    Last year I came into class to discover pieces of paper on Team Ash’s floor.
    But it wasn’t just any paper…
    Shiny, sparkly paper.
    I knew wordsworth had returned.

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