Imaginary Worlds

Children, the teachers need your help!                  

We have been having a go at a little bit of descriptive writing ourselves. We have created mind maps to help us plan for writing and then written our own paragraph to describe a character from the fabulous film, Alice in Wonderland! Take a look at some of our efforts below! We hope you like our variety of sentence starts, our vocabulary and risky punctuation.

However, we have a sneaking suspicion that you will be able to come up with some even better sentences! Why not have a look at the video clips below, choose a character and write your own paragraph?  Go on, BEAT THE TEACHER!

Alice In Wonderland – Off With His Head Clip

Alice In Wonderland – Tea Party Clip

Alice In Wonderland – Cheshire Cat Clip

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15 Responses to Imaginary Worlds

  1. Mrs Adams says:

    Behind the unsuspecting Alice, the Cheshire Cat materialised from the tree canopy above. With a voice as smooth as silk, he began to mesmerise the unsuspecting Alice, drawing her into his unpredictable world. Green, wide, hypnotic eyes mesmerised and enthralled her and yet, deep within, Alice felt uneasy and unsettled by the sudden appearance of this bizarre stranger.
    Written By Mrs Duckett and Mrs Adams

  2. Miss Prior, Mrs Gritt and Miss Trim says:

    Mysteriously, the feline cat strolled over to the frightened girl, who was peering inquisitively at the sight before her. Across the strange cat’s face, there appeared a grin but no ordinary grin for this cat possessed a set of sharp, white teeth. Wide like saucers, his emerald eyes shone beneath the milky moonlight.
    Miss Prior, Mrs Gritt and Miss Trim

  3. Mr Croutear says:

    As her piercing eyes scanned the room, the fans of sapphire above them stared menacingly at the others. Beneath her twitching nose, a pair of contorted, blood red lips formed around a foreboding heart shape. Her ghostly complexion formed a stark contrast with a mop of curled copper hair. Hanging from her body, a ghastly regal gown flowed with gold and glistening jewels, diamonds no less! Fixed firmly in position, her blade like collar held her head high. Abruptly parading around the chamber, the menacing Queen, full of self-importance, scowled aggressively at her visitor.

    By Mr Croutear & Mrs Jones

  4. Miss Woodgate says:

    Above the mysterious path, overgrown with brambles, drifted the deep voice of a wise creature. In the dappled moonlight, his emerald eyes sparkled with cunning as his tail playfully flicked. Stretching across his face, a broad, sly grin exposed pearly, white teeth. Like a panther, he pounced from the overhanging branch towards a surprised Alice.

  5. Miss Lock says:

    The chubby Cheshire cat has a face as round as an apple. The mischievous creature shows off his emerald, glowing eyes as he stares deeply at Alice. The peculiar animal speaks with a deep voice that sounds like a lion groaning.
    Miss Lock and Miss Compton

  6. Miss Fletcher-Jones says:

    Leaping from a skeletal tree, the slate grey and turquoise tabby menacingly pounced upon the wary girl. With eyes like pools of aquamarine water, he studied her intently before revealing a mouthful of pointed teeth. As his tail swished from side to side, the unusual creature’s head rotated slowly.

    By Miss F-J and Mrs Arias

  7. Annabelle W says:

    Peering majestically out of the crooked oak branch (which had been raised aloft in the intense atmosphere), a charcoal grey ,with a tinge of azure on the underbelly, tabby lingered around the unknown adolescent, inspecting her every step. Without being noticed, the Cheshire Cat snapped her sleek, soft paws, ordering her body to instantly vanish so she could silently sneak behind this so called ‘Alice’. Unfortunately, the young teen had spotted her lurk around her. Cheshire thought to herself ‘What was she going to do to me?’

  8. Sally M says:

    The Mad Hatter
    Beneath his curious, emerald eyes, a smile twitched excitedly onto his lips. As he held his battered top hat aloft, he revealed his ginger hair, that was flicking in all directions, like flames from a fire. He stared at the uncertain girl, dawdling along the forest floor.

    Written by Sally & Patchouli

  9. Philippa H says:

    The cat was a disappearing cat who lived in the forest. The Queen plays lots of cards and she lost her tarts.

  10. Bethany T says:

    Wow that cat is so funny me shannon and my nan also my mum had a giggle ha ha it is so funny good pic miss trim

  11. Gabriela R says:

    As Alice wondered through the mysterious world on a path a Cheshire cat stared upon her with a scratched arm she walked desperate to find someone to tell her where she was “Hello” cried the Cheshire Cat smiling
    “Who are you!”Shouted Alice surprised”Where am I?I can not get home please may you help me kind Cheshire Cat”

  12. Erin G says:

    Wow some of these are really good.

  13. Gabriela R says:

    Staring, the mad hatter walked on the table to see a shocked and surprised Alice waiting.

  14. Gabriela R says:

    As the Queen of Hearts entered the room she screeched”Somebody stole my jam tarts!”.
    She asked every frog and this is what she said”Did you steal them”.
    And they replied”No your Majesty”.
    Then the last one she stared at and then she saw jam the same from her jam tarts he said”I was just so hungry”.
    “Off with his head”She shouted loudly.

  15. Alice C says:

    Desparingly, the young, terrified Alice peered around a vast tree as tall as a skyscraper. Dragging behind her, her cobalt blue dress began to become a dirty, maroon dress, with a couple twigs caught up, too. Suddenly, one of the skeletal trees, beside Alice, lost a long, skinny branch, plummeting down to the damp forest floor. In the dappled moonlight, Alice could faintly make out the ruins of a shed, with ivy coiling around the framework. In front of her ebony, pointed brouges was a rather long, fluffy tail. Moments later, the creature’s hypnotic, emerald eyes mesmerised the uncertain girl. Not thinking about what she was doing, the girl, constantly stumbling over her own feet, followed the stray creature (from the what she thought was from an imaginary world) into the unpredictable ruins…

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