Team Cazneaux – Writers of the Week

This week, the Upper Juniors have been writing stories about a Summer Holiday mishap. I have been so impressed with the writing from Team Cazneaux this week and it is clear that many children have been keeping up their writing practice over the six weeks off school. It was very difficult to pick Writers of the Week because lots of children put 100% effort into their Big Write this week but, eventually, I chose Dan and Nathan. Both of these boys really did well and should be very proud of their hard work. These two Big Writes are definitely personal bests for the boys and I am sure they would love to hear what you think of their Star Writing! I am sure Wordsworth will be looking forward to seeing these after a summer off!

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10 Responses to Team Cazneaux – Writers of the Week

  1. Mr Croutear says:

    Congratulations boys, a super start to writing in Year 6! For the two of you to have achieved Personal Bests in your first Big Writes is amazing….I wonder how many more you can get over the year!

    I am glad to hear that Team Cazneaux have made an encouraging start in their writing!

  2. Sam P says:

    Congratulations what a great piece of work.

  3. Daniel S says:

    I am so proud of my achevement and hope I can do better in the near future!

  4. Thomas T says:

    WOW!well done Nathan and Dan it must of taken a long time to wright those big wrights.

  5. Miss Trim says:

    Wow, what amazing writing. I really like the way you both tried hard to use some challenging vocabulary and your presentation is impressive. Well done both of you. What super stars!!

  6. Stephanie F says:

    I really loved both of your story’s boys!

    Well done Dan, I enjoyed reading your story because your introduction and your ending amazing! I really think that they were the best parts!
    Well done Nathan, I really enjoyed reading your story because your tension really made me want to read on!

    Both story’s amazing and I could never choose a favourite, so I can see why Miss Cazneaux couldn’t choose a favourite either! Once again well done, both of you!

  7. Aaron S says:

    Well done guys I really enjoyed reading your big writes they were amazing!

  8. Olivia A says:

    Well Done boys !!!!!!!! These are amazing , I hope you all do well this year !!!!

  9. Archie G says:

    what an amazing piece and Dan perfect!!!

  10. W Oliver says:

    Congratulations Dan and Nathan for being star writers of the week. You should be really proud of your selves.

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