Team Wilverley Dragon Writing of the week!

Well done Joe! You have acheived a personal best this week with your report about the ‘Easel Art Kit’.

You have used a great selection of adverbs and time connectives to engage the reader. In addition to this, you have also worked extremely hard on following the structure of your mindmap.

Team Wilverley will be proud of your work as you earnt a dragon point for our team.

Well done! (pictures of work to be displayed tonight!)

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3 Responses to Team Wilverley Dragon Writing of the week!

  1. Alice C says:

    WOW! I bet it is your Personal Best!! It seems as though Miss Asslett really likes your mindmap, time connectives and your adverbs!

    Can’t wait to see your fab work!!

    By Stephanie and Alice

  2. Alice N says:

    well done joe! 😉

  3. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Well done for working hard with this Big Write and earning yourself a PB in the Upper Juniors.

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