Team Trim/Thomas Dragon Writers of the Week

This week, we were writing diary entries about our incredible entry point. Children wrote about what it was like to arrive at school and find that both their classroom and their teachers had gone back in time to the Victorian era!

Congratulations to this week’s dragon writers…Rebecca and Daniel!

You both used a fantastic variety of time connectives and powerful verbs. Well done.

What do you like about their writing?

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6 Responses to Team Trim/Thomas Dragon Writers of the Week

  1. Stephanie F says:

    Daniel! I love your darted and how much juicy detail you had added into your writing! I think that I might have to use that in my writing this week!

  2. Ella D says:

    Well done Rebecca and Daniel well done for using a vierty of connectives and powerful verbs, make sure you keep up the good work for Miss Trim and Miss Thomas.

  3. Charlotte R says:

    WOW! You have used some great Adverbs and have done lots of complex sentences

  4. Stephanie F says:

    Rebecca, I loved the whole thing! I don’t know where to start! I loved all your words that you used (including the fantastic verbs)!

  5. Jessica B says:

    An amazing piece of writing Daniel! I was extremely impressed with the verb you used: darted! Keep up the good work and you might achieve another PB! 🙂

  6. Jessica B says:

    Rebecca, I was amazed to find commas in your magnificent piece of writing! You really did diserve a PB! Also, You used brilliant verbs!:-)

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