Wilverley Dragon Writer of the Week

Georgina produced a great playscript last week. Well done!

By adding humour and excitement in her questioning, I found this really enjoyable to read. She has kept the reader interested by using detailed stage directions and by using all the information she knows about Helen Skelton. 

A new PB! 

Miss Aslett

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8 Responses to Wilverley Dragon Writer of the Week

  1. Alice C says:

    Excellent work, Georgina!
    I agree with Miss Aslett, I really like the humour in your questioning and I loved you juicy stage directions; I could visulise the whole interview in my head!
    In addition, it is very clear that you know a great deal about Helen too.

    Once again, a very big well done and I hope to see more of your writing on the blog again soon! 🙂

  2. Mr Phillips says:

    Wow George, what a fantastic piece of writing. Great use of humour as well!

  3. Ethan.B says:

    Wow george we are so imprest.Ceep it up.

  4. Katie W says:

    Well done Georgina! What a fantastic peice of writing. You really have used great humor in your writing. Your stage directions were brilliant and I think that it wasgreat. I really enjoyed reading your piece of writing and I had a big smile on my face when doing so. Well done Georgina 🙂

  5. Emily A says:

    Wow Georgina exellent work amazing handwriting too!Furthermore great questions to ask your charicter too well done.

  6. Eliza J says:

    Well done George.

  7. Georgina C says:

    Thanks everyone.

  8. Eliza J says:

    Well done Georgie, i know I commented but it’s just amazing. 🙂

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