U11 Bartly Football Tournament

On Friday 26th September the Year Six Football A team participated in a long, hard football tournament against a wide range of local football teams. Although we played as well as we could, we unfortunately got knocked out at the quarter-finals.

In our first game, we battled through an exciting game to kick off our football tournament. We unfortunately conceded an own goal, but then luckily in the last minute Adam found the back of the net! Our final score was 1-1. In our second game we also ended with a 1-1, well fought game. We then had an unfortunate loss against the home team of the tournament. We finally won two games in a row which gently sat us at the quarter-finals.

Our final game was a tough one, but with our amazing goalkeeper, Archie, at our side we drew our game. Unfortunately we conceded two goals in penalties and only scored one. Overall we played really well and can’t wait for the season ahead.   

Joseph Wooster


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6 Responses to U11 Bartly Football Tournament

  1. Amelia T says:

    well done boys and tavi! Keep going Hordle !

  2. Oliver.R says:

    Amazing boys and tavi ! It was awesome that we drew. Well done archery!!

  3. Lewis.W says:

    I would say Mr Slatterey has tought you footballer’s well!Well done on your draw fab footballers.Tramendous kicks Tavi!

  4. Fallon J. says:

    Well done!!!!!
    Go Tavi keep on doing it for the girls.Maybe i will try out for football next term.You’ve really inspired me to go for something i never really do.I can see Mr Slatterey has tought you well.

  5. Thomas C. says:

    Well done every one and well done tavi for getting a draw against bartley football team good luck for you next mach.

  6. Mason S says:

    It was a lot of fun sadly we lost out on penalty’s.

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